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car now packed, song in my heart!

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Blandmum Sat 27-May-06 18:11:31

....all I have to do is pack out clothes and food and cold box.

Such excitement!

Lights are charged up, batteries checked, Ice packs a-freezing.

'We're all going on a whitsun holiday
No more marking for a day or two
Rain and freezing on our Whitsun holiday
wish you were coming to-o-ooo,

For a day or two.

We're going where the rain falls lightly
We're going where the going where the snow falls too
We've seen it in the Movies
Now let's see if its true

Everybody wants an Whitsun holiday
Sleep in an Outwell for a day or two
Fun and laughter on our muddy holiday
Wish you were coming to-o-o

For a day or two!'

fullmoonfiend Sat 27-May-06 18:16:08

Blandmum Sat 27-May-06 18:17:38

first night I promice to sit outside, rain or sun and drink a toast to mnetters everywhere and the bat!

fullmoonfiend Sat 27-May-06 18:47:11

jealous - and angry with myself, at letting crap weather forecast sway us into not camping this weekend. Have a luverley time

Rhubarb Sat 27-May-06 18:50:07

So glad I'm not coming actually! Nothing would ever get me on a camping holiday again!

Rhubarb Sat 27-May-06 18:50:25

btw, it's lovely and sunny here!

roisin Sat 27-May-06 18:50:26

Have a fab time! We're going on Tuesday just for a coupla nights. I need to get my head round packing though - I haven't even got a list yet

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