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Right- I am off early tomorrow- wish me sun!

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peachyClair Wed 24-May-06 19:48:50

New Forest here we come

wellies at the ready

cupcakes Wed 24-May-06 19:50:51


peachyClair Wed 24-May-06 19:58:08

Thanks then- know who my friends are!

Actually I don't think that forecast is that bad, sunny spells acould be a lot worse!

cod Wed 24-May-06 19:58:26

Message withdrawn

sallystrawberry Wed 24-May-06 19:59:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cod Wed 24-May-06 19:59:47

Message withdrawn

peachyClair Wed 24-May-06 20:01:34

I assumed Cod was making a point about the state of the campsite- but no! Thank you, the rapids look exactly like what we'll need.

Blandmum Wed 24-May-06 20:01:37

Have a great time!....or home yo had a great time if you have already left!

cod Wed 24-May-06 20:03:54

Message withdrawn

Surfermum Wed 24-May-06 20:04:00

Have a lovely time!

cupcakes Wed 24-May-06 20:05:06

we went to Dorset last year and the hew Forest and it rained evryday but one and we still had a lovely time.
That forecast is always wrong...

peachyClair Wed 24-May-06 20:07:08

5457s'alright cc


baby has keyboard

peachyClair Wed 24-May-06 20:07:25

5457s'alright cc


baby has keyboard

LucyCampCat Wed 24-May-06 20:26:26

Have a fab time, we'll keep the threads warm for you!

Remember we want to hear all the gory details.

Wishing you scorchio sun

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