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What do you sleep on?

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mamhaf Wed 24-May-06 17:55:28

We gave up on airbeds, always seemed to deflate and took ages to inflate. Now use self-inflating mats, but thinking of getting campbeds - because they're off the ground, hopefully avoiding that damp cold that creeps in in the early hours if you're on the floor. What do you seasoned campers recommend?

LucyCampCat Wed 24-May-06 18:00:11

you need mb, she uses campbeds so will be the fount of knowledge!

peachyClair Wed 24-May-06 18:02:14

we were looking at a camp bed but worried they might collapse if you- ahem- in them!

SOULGIRL Wed 24-May-06 18:06:19

We use the beds where you open a valve and they self inflate. They are quite thin but probably about as comfortable as you can get whilst camping. You shouldnt get damp if you have a groundsheet & the beds are plastic so damp cannot come through.

I dont know about campbeds I would imagine that it would be COLDER to sleep on one as you have cold air below you whereas once you warm up on the ground you stay warm. We have a tiny car so we just wouldnt have room for campbeds!!

FillyjonktheSnibbet Wed 24-May-06 18:28:16

coleman airbeds plus a coleman 12v battery pump works for us.

bresha Wed 24-May-06 18:47:49

We use an airbed, always been fine for us (though we do use a battery pump and we take duvets)

Laura032004 Wed 24-May-06 19:03:06

We have a triple decker airbed. It's fab, but really needs two bedroom compartments (we have an 8 man / 4 bedroom tent, but you can tie up the divider between two of the bedrooms to join it up). If you had a smaller tent, the bed would come too far up the wall of the tent, touch the wall, and cause rain to come in (because the sleeping compartment 'wall' isn't meant to touch the main tent canvas). It does need a mains powered pump to inflate it, but we've got something that goes from the car cigarette lighter and converts to 240v.

Before we had that, we had another airbed which was inflated by an electric, chargeable pump. This worked really well too because you could really over inflate it (you never seem to get the same level of inflation with a foot pump).

FillyjonktheSnibbet Wed 24-May-06 19:09:50

sorry, not the battery pump, the one you use from the car. Mind you, to put that in context I have used it for a total of 1 night.

sallystrawberry Wed 24-May-06 19:13:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Wed 24-May-06 19:15:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zippitippitoes Wed 24-May-06 19:17:10

just the spongey mat..air beds are cold and horrid

sallystrawberry Wed 24-May-06 19:17:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mamhaf Wed 24-May-06 19:40:15

Thanks everyone useful stuff about various bed options - my next questions how does anyone manage to ahem on a camping holiday with kids? Even (or especially) after a box of wine the sounds carry some distance!

Blandmum Wed 24-May-06 19:42:08

We use the ones that you can buy from halfords for £20....the best price I could find. They are made of alumimium and light but sturdy...they are very firm, which I like but isn't to everyone's taste. You will need a crash mat or other insulation under you , or you will be too cold.

peachyClair Wed 24-May-06 19:42:56

It is possible to be quiet you know, with practice!

I'm not going on holiday with no ahem-ing, much rather do the quiet thang.

sallystrawberry Wed 24-May-06 19:43:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cupcakes Wed 24-May-06 19:46:51

if you're not quiet enough and are in a crowded festival site you may even get a round of applause from your camping neighbours.

peachyClair Wed 24-May-06 19:47:26

PMSL at cupcakes

sallystrawberry Wed 24-May-06 19:48:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Janbo25 Mon 29-May-06 12:34:46

I to am going to go camping shortly and am not sure what to sleep on because i don't like airbeds so any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated

pesme Mon 29-May-06 12:42:21

can't you just wait and ahem at home? if not remember to turn off any lights inside the tent or it will become an audio visual display for the neighbours.

Janbo25 Mon 29-May-06 12:43:41

I suppose it depends how long you go for and how much you've had to drink!

sallystrawberry Mon 29-May-06 12:45:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Mon 29-May-06 13:58:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Janbo25 Mon 29-May-06 19:04:07

thats very technical sallystrawberry!! can you recommend any good sites please anyone ??

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