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Do all campsites have dogs running around?

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PassTheTwiglets Sun 26-May-13 16:37:23

3 out of the 4 of us are terrified of dogs and we have to avoid beaches where dogs are allowed etc. Was really hoping to take the kids camping this year but are campsites full of dogs? It seems like an ideal holiday for dog-owners so I can't imagine any campsites don't allow them... I know people who aren't scared of them would say 'get over it' but it really is a proper fear and would ruin our holiday.

snowmummy Sun 26-May-13 16:42:05

Some sites don't allow them, others will have them on leads. Can't say I've been anywhere where there's been any running riot.

usualsuspect Sun 26-May-13 16:44:28

I've never been on a campsite where dogs are running about.

They have to be kept on leads.

headlesslambrini Sun 26-May-13 16:47:50

All the campsites we have been to, they have to be kept on a lead. some have a dog areas, which is fenced off to allow owners to let them off the lead for a.good run. think you will just have to check when you book. what part of the country do you want to visit - we might know of some which dont allow dogs

headlesslambrini Sun 26-May-13 16:50:36

Google search campsites no dogs allowed.
ukcampsite have a list. sorry cant link as on phone.

PassTheTwiglets Sun 26-May-13 18:04:31

Thanks all! Looking at Essex/Suffolk. It sounds like it's possible then, so I'll have a Google... mind you, we haven't even got a tent yet smile

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