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Best weather to camp next week??

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reeniebeenie Wed 22-May-13 10:34:07

Any inside tips?
I know forecast unreliable a week in advance but from what I can see pretty cold & grotty everywhere.

Happy to drive campervan towards sun (or at least warm & dry weather) although south coast a bit far. Won't go until Mon/Tues so hoping many sites will still have availability at the last minute...

hillbilly Wed 22-May-13 11:37:04

Apparently the SW is going to get the best of the weather. If you look in the weather section on here, OYBBK has an ongoing weather thread and I think she's a camper too.

reeniebeenie Wed 22-May-13 14:16:31

Didn't realise there was a weather thread...just found it, that OYBBK is clever isn't he/she??
Doesn't sound like next week will be a total washout so going to sit it out and book a site somewhere with the best forecast.

I know some of you hardened folks will go come what may but I just find it too much like hard work trying to entertain 2 crazy boys in the rain - rather stay at home & do day trips, or go to work and save the holiday for another time x

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