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dh and ds have said they will leave me if .........

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sallystrawberry Sun 21-May-06 19:05:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katymac Sun 21-May-06 19:06:50

I think DD is very brave

I'm with DH & DS

NotQuiteCockney Sun 21-May-06 19:07:27

I'm with your DH and DS, I'm afraid. Is your tent also Cath Kidston?

sallystrawberry Sun 21-May-06 19:08:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Sun 21-May-06 19:09:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Sun 21-May-06 19:13:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Riddo Sun 21-May-06 19:23:01

I love all of it!!

sallystrawberry Sun 21-May-06 19:25:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Crystaltips Sun 21-May-06 19:28:42

wow! they're FAB !!!!

Riddo Sun 21-May-06 19:29:39

I would but then my family are past being embarrassed by my clothes. The fur fabric leopard pattern handbag has made them imune

LadyTophamHatt Sun 21-May-06 19:31:57 it really bad to love it all??

I want that waterproof coat!

Blandmum Sun 21-May-06 19:35:04

If I wore the coat I would look like a hedge (being rather ahen 'ample' )

jamese Sun 21-May-06 20:34:07

if you wore that, sat on that next to that someone would phone Susannah and Trinny... It could be an interesting show...

Blu Mon 22-May-06 12:10:32

The chairs are v cool though.
I am looking forward to seeing the whole combo fragrantly displayed along the beaches of N Norfolk this summer. Some were in evidence in front of the beach huts on Wells last year.

charliecat Mon 22-May-06 12:13:25

I have brought dds these. They have matching tents, binoculars, wellies...oh the list is endless:)

peachyClair Mon 22-May-06 13:00:30

I have the chair already

also got threatened by DH, but ds's stuck up for me, and also I poi8nted out that I paid for all the blinking chairs so why shouldn't I have what I want? Think dh preferred me having it to forking out himself. Ha ha ha.

I also made him feel guilty about testosterone going on inour family, that made him feel bad and scared him I would demand a DD!

fennel Mon 22-May-06 13:02:37

i love it! would have some serious chair envy if we camped next to you. apart from the windshield - they're a bit old fogeyish, remind me of blackpool beach postcards from the 50's. not the pattern just the thing in itself.

LucyCampCat Mon 22-May-06 13:07:02

Could these be the sign of a mn'er? with a bat hanging off the back of course?

How's the weather down with you today fennel? guess what it's doing in Stockport?

peachyClair Mon 22-May-06 13:39:32

it's lovely here in wales, just a few showers but lots of sunny spells

fennel Mon 22-May-06 14:03:58

it's rainy and windy with occasional sun, lucycat. my Manchester friends have been visiting for 4 days to catch the sun and it's rained constantly. just like "home" in manchester really.

am hoping it cheers up for next weekend our first camping trip of the year.

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