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Toureg canvas tent

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Sunshinenow Mon 13-May-13 21:04:21

Long time lurker her.

Like the last thread I know you are not supposed to but is anyone here interested on my tourer tent before it gets ebayed

This one

I have a bit of a tent thing (a bit like the pushchair ladies). And I've just bought a lovely retro orange and green raclet trailer tent. At least three of the other tents need to go! I'm keeping my quechua 4.2 pop up. And a mini pop up. The others are going.eeeekkkkk.

I got this one from holland. It has never been outdoors. Still in original bags and packing. I'm happy to list it (one on eBay now anyway) but I often smile at the canvas gurus here. And wondered if anyone would be interested. Part of me wants it to be loved.

Picking the trailer up at the weekend. Am v excited. Proper beds. Not a caravan. And canvas. And you can put the main bit up (not the awning) by yourself. Cheap. Retro curtains. I am hoping I can stop looking now for he perfect tent.

hz Mon 13-May-13 21:32:26

Oooh. That is lush. But that is some habit you've got yourself there - never even out if it's packet!!

Sunshinenow Mon 13-May-13 21:35:21

I know, I know. It is my one indulgence. And little gadgets. It rained all last summer and I dupidn't dare take it out.

Love camping but hate loading he car, am hoping the trailer tent is the answer. And I can fill it with all my useful folding things smile

DameFanny Mon 13-May-13 21:38:21

Don't need it - have one!

You realise you're swapping lush breezes for clamminess? wink

Sunshinenow Mon 13-May-13 21:47:24

Oh no, really? Trailer tent = claminess?

Another one on eBay this time next year smile

hz Mon 13-May-13 23:13:46

I get where you are coming from, we went for campervan in the end. I still get canvas envy though. Hope trailer tent works out for you, we did consider them too but just don't really know much about them or how long they take to pitch!

SmellsLikeWeenSpirits Mon 13-May-13 23:33:19

Yikes. It's a beauty. I've been stalking pyramids on maarketplatz (sp?)

I need to do a bit more research, I've not got it quite sorted in my mind, the different types (but would you pm me how much you want for it njust in case......)

Sunshinenow Tue 14-May-13 07:43:08

I did loads of research. I was going to go for a combi camp which is dead easy. This is a raclet quick stop.which just folds near the beds. All for less than 500 smile. I don't think many people like the old ones!

For that I won't feel too guilty if I end up not liking it.

I might start a thread when it comes. Uk campsite far too dry. I want to talk about folding torches and orange curtains!

Sunshinenow Tue 14-May-13 07:49:00

smells - I wanted either a holtkamper or an dewaard albatross tent from marketplaatz.

Luckily no one would sell to me!

LifeofPo Tue 14-May-13 07:51:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sunshinenow Tue 14-May-13 08:02:48


Not a selling thing honest (it will going on eBay). I did notice are now doing inners.

It almost made me reconsider....but no, no, no. TOO MANY TENTS.

NettleTea Tue 14-May-13 18:40:50

I understand the 'too many tents' thing, and also all the gagetry. Some forums just dont get it. Ive moved slightly left into a caravan (purely for practical out of season and grizzly child reasons but have just indulged in a retro canvas awning for it, so feel slighly vindicated. Also until it gets the all clear from the gas and electrics man, I still have a use for the iceytek and Cadac outside.
Can you believe that my DP thought I might like to park it in the barn for use????? I had spied a nice little spot hidden behind some bushes and overlooking one of the prettiest bits of the farm. Does anyone know the limit for cable for an electric hook up??

Sunshinenow Tue 14-May-13 21:35:38

Electric hook up!! smile

Am looking at an icytek, or a three way fridge. Surely the search for the perfect gadget is part of he appeal.

LifeofPo Tue 14-May-13 22:05:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sunshinenow Tue 14-May-13 22:21:36

Really? I pass a go outdoors on the way to work. I try to avoid it.

Cool wine is good....

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