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Compact foldable camping barbecue - help me find one like this....

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KBear Sun 21-May-06 16:52:47


that doesn't take 14 days to deliver - we leave in 6 days!

KBear Sun 21-May-06 16:53:39

bugger - didn't work - scroll down to the one that is called "Camper Barbecue with Tools" £10.95!!!

MrsBadger Sun 21-May-06 16:57:12

there are loads on that page - was it this one?

we took \link{} one camping - the legs unscrew and it folds up into the briefcase type thing. We got 20% off in store so it was less than the price shown, and it cooked well and was (v importantly) stable even in v windy conditions.

MrsBadger Sun 21-May-06 16:58:04

sorry, am having a bad link day - this is ours

KBear Sun 21-May-06 17:42:03

MrsBadger - perfect - thanks - off to Homebase to get one tomorrow. I've been searching for ages!

MrsBadger Sun 21-May-06 17:53:33

glad to help, but will warn you now, is not quite as easy as it looks to assemble, so do that before you go.
We learnt the hard way...

KBear Sun 21-May-06 18:24:24

Ah, thanks for that - the point is I need one that takes up minimum space in the car as we usually crammed to the rafters and we have a roof box too. Might think again. I really want that Towsure one but 14 day delivery - pah. Might ring them tomorrow anyway and beg for speedy delivery!

MrsBadger Sun 21-May-06 18:34:18

Once the initial assembly's done it's dead easy to get the legs on and off to actually pack, but it comes in bits, and it's just the very first Affix Hinge Piece F with Bolt J bit - easily done at home on the living room floor, less so in a field... we made the mistake of taking it untouched still in the Homebase box.

KBear Sun 21-May-06 18:37:11

Right, gotcha. Another job for me then cos DH loses his rag VERY quickly with these assembly jobs! ha ha Many a flat pack piece of furniture beaten within an inch of it's life and thrown up the garden. Bless him!

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