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half term weather watch.

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tyaca Sun 12-May-13 17:02:58

the countdown is ON. i am limiting checking to once a day. what point do we decide it's reliable? 5 days?

i'm off to wales, so god knows why i'm even daring to think it might be dry and <whispers> warm.

currently looking warm in the days before half term. and abundant sunshine the weekend at the end WHEN WE'LL BE HOME. but in the middle, clouds, light rain, yadee yadee yah.

DuchessOfAvon Tue 14-May-13 17:11:51

BLess you OYBK

<crosses fingers and clicks on link for bad news>

AllOverIt Sun 19-May-13 06:23:05

Any news in weather? sad

shirazplease Tue 21-May-13 11:46:50

woo! Looks like it might be ok down here in the SW. Bit of rain on Monday, but can deal with that as long as it's not monsoonal with gale force winds.

SO excited to try out the Bell Tent.

Fingers crossed smallest DD doesn't do another out of the blue 90 min screamathon like she did last night shock

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