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living in a campervan with 5 month old???

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Zauberfee Sat 20-May-06 21:41:21

thinking about going travelling with dd (5 months) and db around Europe after the summer. Half excited, half worried. I`m not the most adventurous of all people and need positive comments from mums who´ve done it before. Please... x

Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Mon 22-May-06 14:15:24

Easy peezy- haven't done it with a 5 months old but have done it with a severely autistic 6 year old, a 3 year old and an 8 month old. At 5 months it will be lovely. I'm very jealous........

Do you have a shower tray thing in your van? Ideal for bathtime if you do......

I slept with the 8 month old (and the 3 year old) above the cab, put the baby in a carrycot until I went to bed. (dh was with the 6 year old) A pop up cot would be better though I think.

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