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Should we take our dog along too.

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bltglark22 Wed 08-May-13 11:23:11


We've just bought a bell tent and have two weeks in france booked. The campsite (we've been to before) is very dog friendly so we're considering taking ours along.

Have any of you taken your dog camping abroad? the dog passport sounds pretty straight forward but did you find taking the dog made the holiday too complicated?

If you took your dog how did they get on when you went to the beach or out for the day etc?


mum2mummarkets Wed 08-May-13 17:58:25

We do. Apparently every public beach has an area where dogs are allowed and we found it generally more dog friendly that the uk ( dogs allowed in restaurants!)
Passport was fine, she was fine on the ferry ( in the car) and the campsite booked a vet appointment for us. Even though the vet spoke no English we managed.
The biggest problem is when it is hot and you want to go for a swim or something. We ended up shutting her in the car on the campsite with all the windows open and blackout blinds front and back and a bowl of water. If we leave her at home it adds £300 to the cost of the holiday in dog sitter fees!

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