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just booked here and thought would mention it.....

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peachyClair Thu 18-May-06 12:31:10


In Devon, apparently it has a small farm area where the kids can help feed the animals.

We're going for an end of season weekend at the beginning of September (Seaton carnival weekend anyway), should be a nice treat for the little ones, bt thought it might suit the MN lot generally (and the chap is V V helpful)

LucyCampCat Thu 18-May-06 19:14:52

Looks lovely Peachy! we usually try to get a few days in at the end of August shame it's too far for us, your ds's will love it!

Patttsy Fri 19-May-06 14:40:21

Sorry, I can't do hyperlinks . We are going here

Might pull the children out of school to get a good pitch

Auntymandy Fri 19-May-06 14:41:49


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