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Campsite to suit all..

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hz Thu 16-May-13 16:43:15

My blog is all about campfire campsites, perhaps it would be useful! There is a map with lots of campsites, not just any old campsite with a fire but ones with that touch of wildness, great views, woodland or wild water. Many of them also have decent facilities, if I have visited them I review them and give a good description of facilities on offer. Unfortunately none in the north yet. So many campsites - so little time!

professorpoopsnagle Thu 16-May-13 16:06:07

Fisherground in the Lake District allows fires but it can get a bit overcrowded during the holidays.

HappyJoyful Thu 16-May-13 11:55:43

sorry you didn't get any north eastern response Yellow
excited to report we've booked Forgewood.. fingers crossed for some sunshine now!

YellowDinosaur Fri 03-May-13 23:39:19

Lurking because this is exactly the dilemma we have (although it is me that likes fires). We're miles away in the north east though...

HappyJoyful Wed 01-May-13 10:16:27

thank you...forgewood looks good - certainly doable journey wise. Think townfarm almost feels too close! Ohh getting excited!

hillbilly Wed 01-May-13 10:05:30

sorry - what I meant was that Forgewood might be too far, not Town Farm grin

hillbilly Wed 01-May-13 10:04:42

Might be too far though - we are going to this weekend for the first time. That's in Bucks.

hillbilly Wed 01-May-13 10:03:32

HappyJoyful Wed 01-May-13 09:31:28

I got some suggestions last year for sites and we've been to WoWo and am also planning a trip to Eweleaze later in year that was recommended on here too.

However, am now looking to find somewhere else that suits both my nature loving (I must have a campfire) husband and family that also enjoy camping but prefer the more organised/shower's/wasing up facilities etc of somewhere like Hollands Wood - New Forest. I know there are some great farm places which I think DD would love if there were animals roaming!

We're going for 2 nights so don't want to go too far - Ideally no more than a 2hr drive from Bucks/Herts.

It must take dogs and ideally have a pub in walking distance!

Suggestions most welcome.

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