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What should I put my 8 month old baby in for sleeping in the tent?

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beatie Wed 17-May-06 20:40:11

We're going camping for a weekend in mid June. We started family camping 2 years ago when our eldest was 20 months old. This time we'll have a 3 year old and our 8 month old baby.

We plan to put the baby in her own pod, inside her travel cot. What would you advise I do in the way of dressing her for bed and bed-covers?

I was thinking of puttin gher in a bodysuit + a sleepsuit + an over-sized fleecy sleepsuit over that and then zipped inside of her Gro-bag.

Too many layers? Not the right type of layers? Will she need a blanket too?

I cannot justify buying a baby sleeping bag as this might be our only camping trip with her as a youngish baby.

Nemo1977 Wed 17-May-06 20:42:45

Beatie what about a 2nd hand baby sleeping bag..they are on ebay for around £9.

I have bought one for DD[5mths] mainly because the weather is so unpredictable and arms and hands tend to get cold in the grobags for my DD anyway. Plus am pg again so will have 2 babies using it.

Roobie Wed 17-May-06 20:44:44

Sounds like quite a lot of layers. We went early June last year with 5 week old and I just put him in a vest, sleepsuit and grobag. I had a cellular blanket ready to put over him as well but it wasn't necessary in the end.

peachyClair Thu 18-May-06 11:58:28

We put a blanket under the cot (essential if you have a SIG) and then another under the bottom sheet, to insulate. Warm pyjamas or all in one (I bought a fleece all in one from motherare but that was erm a while back), then the normal beeding plus a spare fleece if needed. I would advocate mittens too.

If you can keep to their normal bedding it can help little ones to settle in a strange place. Then just pad out with layers. We put everything we need in the car, then fill any (if) space with blankets.

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