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May I start the millionth bell tent thread!

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LifeofPo Sat 27-Apr-13 19:12:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SalomeD Sat 04-May-13 09:38:26

Just had a quick peek on eBay, and there is a Hypercamp Palamos 6 for sale.

My neighbour's talking about upgrading from a Tesco vis-a-vis, see if you like camping before buying something decent tent and thought the Cabanon was lush, but too small

Perhaps she can be drawn over to the dark side too!

Slubberdegullion Sat 04-May-13 09:50:40

Blimey, if I lived darn sarf I would be snapping that one up pronto. Looks pristine.

Slubberdegullion Sat 04-May-13 09:53:25

Mind you it's only £532 new so the auction might be the way to go rather than buy it now.

SalomeD Sat 04-May-13 11:46:48

Quite agree - might keep an eye on this one, soooo very tempting even!

NettleTea Sat 04-May-13 17:26:26

Very nice indeed Salome..
rummaging through the cupboards I have just found a set of Babycham glasses and the original instruction manual for my caravan! They made so few of this model that they have adapted the dodgy late 70s typed one for the other models by crossing out and writing in by hand....
But now I know the year and date of construction and what kind of water heater. Also with a bit of investigation I have found the original carpet design under the seats - not quite as garish as the pub carpet it currently sports.

NettleTea Sat 04-May-13 17:27:28

oooh oooh must go and look on ebay. as I am darn sarf

nizzy99 Sun 05-May-13 17:29:42

I recently purchased a soulpad 5000 hybrid g and formative from kpwoodburningstoves it really is a fantastic tent and I love my stove its cracking, I'm also in Scotland so decided a stove was essential.

NettleTea Sun 05-May-13 18:10:10

Kevan from KP stoves is a fantastic guy. He made all the woodburners for our site and they are fabulous - really well made and draw exceptionally well.

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