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Going camping for the first time

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RedPencils Thu 25-Apr-13 12:33:04

Lots of jumpers
Lots of blankets
Electric Hook up and fan heater

Quenelle Thu 25-Apr-13 12:30:18

The equipment list can look a bit daunting but don't worry about buying camping-specific stuff if you're trying it for the first time.

We still take a lot of the household stuff like bedding, saucepans, cutlery, mugs, washing up bowl etc from home, saving our money for things that aren't worth compromising on, like a good quality coolbox. And wine.

Blu Thu 25-Apr-13 12:16:39

Cool box?

MummyPigsFatTummy Thu 25-Apr-13 09:31:59

Oh and, if you possibly can, go to a site which allows fires. Then bring marshmallows and sticks. The DC will love toasting them and there is nothing nicer for you in the evening than sitting round a fire with a glass of wine. smile

MummyPigsFatTummy Thu 25-Apr-13 09:24:19


OrbisNonSufficit Thu 25-Apr-13 08:01:15

Oh, forgot. Get one of those things that converts the car's cig lighter into a mains plug (or USB or both). V useful for charging phones etc.

OrbisNonSufficit Thu 25-Apr-13 07:58:28

Car-assisted camping I assume (not trekking it all in on your back)? This is a list of everything I can think of that I've taken camping in the past or wished I had with me...

Comfort: camp chairs, sleep mats or air mattresses, camp table, pillows, camping lantern...
Warmth: lots of layers (clothes), silver foil emergency blankets to put on the ground, fire starting stuff, beanies etc (depends on the time of year and likely night temp obviously)
Entertainment: cards, travel board games, books, etc etc, whatever you fancy
Cooking: pots, cutlery, plates, washing up stuff incl plastic tub, salt / pepper, tea or coffee making stuff (helps if this is all together in one container), tea towel, replacement gas canisters for cooker...
Other stuff: ways of keeping everything neat when you don't have drawers/cupboards- think Tupperware containers and ziplock bags; first aid kit; torches; padlock if leaving tent during the day...
Hygiene: loo roll (depends on the campsite, some provide it most don't); kit to take to shower, neatly packaged incl soap, towel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc- easiest if you get quick dry towels and keep it all in one bag per person, also flip flops for manky public shower

crispsarenotoneofyour5aday Thu 25-Apr-13 07:58:17

Some of it will depend on where you are camping. Is it guaranteed to be hot and sunny or are you chancing the Great British Springtime?

Oh - and how comfortable do you like to be? I love camping but I do like to be comfortable grin

So I would add:

Sleeping mats/airbeds
Lantern and torches
Cooking pots and frying pan - don't forget the utensils
Matches (all too easily forgotten in my house)
Fold up chairs (mine has a back since I hate stools)
Proper pillow (again a foible of mine)
Fold up table for food preparation and eating
Pack of cards and other games for the evenings
First aid kit
Mallet and spare pegs
Insect spray

Of course, if we are doing wild camping I leave most of this behind smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 25-Apr-13 07:44:10

Thinking of going camping with the DC soon, got a tent, cooker and sleeping bags, what else will we need?

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