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Advice on eurocamp/keycamp type holiday

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sharmck Tue 16-May-06 17:00:26

Hello, we're tentatively setting off on our first eurocamp holiday in france (mobile home). Wondered if anyone more experienced had any tips on getting the best out of it/things to take/anything else...

Blandmum Tue 16-May-06 17:05:38

Take a towel that is old and tatty to use as a bathroom mat. the bathrooms are small and can get very wet and slipery. At the end of the holiday throw it away.

Where are you thinkg of going?

Skribble Tue 16-May-06 23:27:12

Agree towel for bathmat, we used DH's t-shirt much to his disgust.

Are you driving???

lyla Fri 19-May-06 17:58:38

make sure you take some footwear to wear inside the mobile home (flip flops or slippers) the floors can be quite cold. make sure if you are eating at the restaurant that you book early in the day.

hope you have a good time.

beckybrastraps Fri 19-May-06 18:17:31

Duvet. FREEZING at night!

sharmck Fri 19-May-06 19:38:29

Thanks guys. Have towel will be glad to get rid of at the ready! We're going to st jean de monts vendee france and yes we're driving so wish us luck - we're off tomorrow. x

Skribble Sat 20-May-06 01:05:10

Yes we went to spain and the traveling rugs provided were not quite enough, I had all the towels over me at night.

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