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Can anyone recommend a campsite in new forest that isn't too basic?

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clangermum Fri 02-Aug-13 13:29:07

sa2006 am going to Avon Tyrrell in a few weeks - any tips? Have booked kids onto a couple of fun days but they also have stand alone 90 minute sessions for various activities like bush craft - would be really interested if anyone has experience of any of the activities.

Stropzilla Thu 02-May-13 15:59:39

I love Hollands Wood, might be too basic for you with just 2 toilet/shower blocks. Very near shops and a nice pub though.

IpsyUpsyDaisyDo Thu 02-May-13 06:16:21

Greenhill Farm is nice, has fishing lakes.

littlemissnormal Wed 01-May-13 21:58:23

Greenhill Farm near Langford

sa2006 Tue 30-Apr-13 20:13:16

If you are taking Kids try Avon Tyrrell. It's is an outdoor activity centre so have amazing activities for children and decent facilities.

pinklady1107 Wed 24-Apr-13 20:57:48

We went to merley court last year and had a great time.

Nice site and for a bit more you can use their sister site too xx

yellowhousewithareddoor Sat 20-Apr-13 09:22:26

We've been to redshoot and liked it. We drove out to the beach (can't remember its name) one day. Was nice and clean, toilets and showrs. Space between tents.

muddledsheep Sat 20-Apr-13 09:16:49

Oops sorry, cross posted!

muddledsheep Sat 20-Apr-13 09:16:09

is nice, we went there a couple of years ago.

sandyballs Sat 20-Apr-13 09:15:14

You're prob thinking of red shoot?

sandyballs Sat 20-Apr-13 09:14:38

Thanks anyway.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 20-Apr-13 09:14:35

There's hardly any campsites in the new forest. Only others I know of are the forestry commission ones. Hollands wood is your least basic but only because it has toilets and showers. Other site I know of is at a pub......can't remember the name now but it's still basic.

BastardDog Sat 20-Apr-13 08:58:10

Sorry again, the one I was thinking of is in Wiltshire.

BastardDog Sat 20-Apr-13 08:29:34

Sorry, I was going to say Sandy Balls. I've a picture in my mind of another one, but not sure if its in the New Forest. I'll come back to you.

sandyballs Sat 20-Apr-13 08:27:52

I was thinking about somewhere like sandy balls, funnily enough grin but they are full BH weekend in may. I don't mind basic but going with friends who want a bit more going on, like sandy balls.

Any ideas?

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