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Where are you going to during whit week?

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HenniPenni Mon 15-May-06 12:23:01

Off for our very first camping trip tp Willow holt in Lincs.

Nemo1977 Mon 15-May-06 12:33:13

very first camping trip to shell island in wales...sure there is still lots I need to get at the moment with DDs sleeping bag being top of the list.

ellenrose Mon 15-May-06 12:54:43

Glenmore Forest Park in Scotland - first trip out with our larger tent so can't wait to see how that goes. Having to source spare wheels for our trailer at the moment - nighmare

PeachyClair Mon 15-May-06 16:16:41

Hollands Wood in the New Forest. took loads of hassle with their admin, but we have 5 nights and everyone is doing a daily countdown! I'm the only one who has been there before and kids willa dore Beaulieu (I have been bored by the place a few times too ofetn but mums of sons have to give in)

Blandmum Mon 15-May-06 17:00:15

We are off to Beddgelert for 5 nights.

Surfermum Mon 15-May-06 18:32:59

Bere Regis ..... and starting to get very excited, if a little nervous about the weather.

Yorkiegirl Mon 15-May-06 18:37:01

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Mon 15-May-06 18:37:46

Blimey will there actually be anyone on MN, seems like you are all going on hols.

seb1 Mon 15-May-06 18:41:57

We don't get Whit holidays in Scotland

cheltenhamgal Mon 15-May-06 19:03:31

I shall be working whilst dd will be at grandmas in cheshire so a week of peace and quiet

LucyCampCat Mon 15-May-06 19:07:52

Criccieth for the week.

Milliways Mon 15-May-06 20:44:31

Bracelands, Forest of Dean

moondog Mon 15-May-06 20:52:34

I will be having a romantic rendezvous (and night away sans kids) here

You can all drop by for a drink seeing as most of you will be in this neck of the woods.
Martian,hang about,more top tips on holidaying in Wales coming up......

moondog Mon 15-May-06 21:03:03

Right Martian, re the steam train in Caernarfon, here is the website.

I told you that trains go as far as Rhyd Ddu,a couple of miles outside of Beddgelert (and foot of Snowdon)
I suggest you drive to Rhyd Ddu,park the car and get the train to Caernarfon,taking the train back to Rhyd Ddu a few hurs later.
The train also has a bike carrying facility,and you can hire bikes from a place near your campsite or from a place on the quay on Caernarfon (also tagalongs and baby cart thingies).
This is great too,because there is a fabulous cycle track which runs parallel to the train track so you could engineer some train/bike combo.

The best drive in the whole of North Wales is from Penygroes to Rhyd Ddu through Drws y Coed. You must do it,hardly anyone knows about it.

If you are doing a loose circle as I suggested before (eg Beddgelert,Cricieth,Porthmadog,Caernarfon,Beddgelert) then break off at pen y Groes and go down Dyffryn Nantlle (Nantlee valley) through Tal y Sarn (not so pretty but don't panic,it gets better)on to Nantlle,Dwrs y Coed and Rhyd Ddu then Beddgelert.
It is one of my favourite places in the whole world.Look out for the little chapel in Drws y Coed,then on the other side of the road,keep your eyes peeled for a huge boulder.
There is a sign on it (Welsh only) explaining that it rolled down the mountain and crushed the original chapel which was built on that sight.

Blandmum Mon 15-May-06 21:03:31

I say, you don't fancy having my two for a night so that we could do the same thing, would you ?

moondog Mon 15-May-06 21:05:36

Can't bloody wait.
We will go right off,no doubt!!!

KBear Mon 15-May-06 21:06:40

Glencoe - in a posh caravan though not camping!

Blandmum Mon 15-May-06 21:08:50

That you for telling me about the sign in Welsh BTW. I'll blag it and make out I can read it. Dh will be none the wiser

Great tips BTW. I'm so looking forward to the 5 days.

LucyCampCat Tue 16-May-06 10:29:05

Thanks for those suggestions moondog, we'll give the tour a go, but we're starting from Criccieth, which way round is best? to Beddgelert or Porthmadog first?

moondog Tue 16-May-06 17:41:15

Luce,I'd head on to Porthmadog then Pwllheli then Nefyn (stopping at church in Pistyll and language centre in Llithfaen then head onto Caernarfon,veering off at Pen Y Groes,down Dyffryn Nantlle onto Rhyd Ddu and then Bedgelert then back to Cricieth. Long drive (couple of hours??) but takes in all the sites.

MABS Tue 16-May-06 18:24:59


LucyCampCat Tue 16-May-06 18:32:17

thanks moondog!

guess you won't need your 3 season sleeping bag camping in Dubai mabs

DumbledoresGirl Tue 16-May-06 18:43:36

The Lake District.

Orinoco Fri 19-May-06 22:09:31

Message withdrawn

sallystrawberry Mon 22-May-06 00:05:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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