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Sleeping Bag advice

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LIZS Thu 11-Apr-13 17:42:50

Fish out of water here but thought this might be best place to ask for advice please. ds has to have a 3-season sleeping bag for D of E. Of our collection of , very underused, sleeping bags we have ruled out all but one which has lost its stuff sack and the label has frayed . How can we establish whether it is a 3- season bag or not ? Or can anyone recommend a suitable cheapish bag which rolls up small please . tia

DeepRedBetty Thu 11-Apr-13 17:46:56

Sleeping bags are rather 'the more you pay the more you get'.

We do have two Gelert Tryfan three season sleeping bags which were an unbelievable £14.99 from The Range, about three years ago - they are incredibly warm and washed well, but the zips have gone on both.

All the others came from quality camping shops at a quality price.

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