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Camping recommendation in France please

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BankWuggery Sat 30-Mar-13 01:39:25

We're hoping to go all French this summer (ooh err- or should that be Ooh la la) because I am fed up of English summer camping but I am struggling to find the right place.

We would like somewhere :

a) easily accessible from UK (so no more than say 2 hrs drive from a french port)
b) not too big - we dont need evening entertainment laid on although a shop/pool/playground would be nice- 2 ds 8 & 4
3) EHU and nice loo/shower/wash up facilities

I quite liked the look of Valades but it's a bit far and anyway wondered whether it might be a bit full on?

If anyone can recommend a place that they have enjoyed visiting I'd be really grateful. Cant wait for summer!

Thumbtack Sat 30-Mar-13 09:10:50

Have you checked out the France section of the website canopy and stars? Some nice glamping/camping opportunities on there . .

cheerup Sat 30-Mar-13 17:25:26

Assuming you mean Calais/Dunkerque french ports rather than the Western channel, your best bet would be somewhere in the Baie de Somme area. Have a look at Le Clos Cacheleux. Its a lovely site with big pitches just over an hour from Calais. All amenities (pool, bar etc) at the sister site Val de Trie less than a five min stroll down the drive. If you order bread, croissants etc in the evening they deliver them to your pitch in the morning. We also liked Ferme du Prunay in the Loire. It's about a 5 hour drive from Calais (less from Caen/Saint Malo) but the area is definitely worth the extra travel time as the climate is less UK-like and there is loads to see and do.

happyfeet666 Sun 31-Mar-13 20:16:29

Valades is very beautiful, you might find the journey there a bit far (8 hours from Calais but it's a beautiful smallish site, with no entertainment, a fantastic lake and pool and loads of space. The private shower pitches are lovely x

maturenanny Tue 02-Apr-13 12:30:34

Hi There

Sadly I can't help with a short drive campsite s we have decided to go for Du Letty near Brittany so an 8 hr drive from Calais. It's all singing and dancing but even factoring in ferry, petrol and pitch fees less than air fare for one of us abroad!
So although will be a trek it's a fan option!
Good luck

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