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Warm lightweight sleeping bag needed

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hellsbells99 Mon 25-Mar-13 11:40:12

Hello all. DD is off for 3 day camping expedition for Duke of Edinburgh over Easter. Weather is rather cold at the moment (state the obvious!). The sleeping bag we have is very lightweight (1.1kg) but don't think it will be anywhere near warm enough (+12 comfort; +8 limit; -5 extreme). So we need a new one - needs to be light, compact, warm and hopefully not too costly! Any recommendations please? Thanks smile

SARAHSJP Mon 25-Mar-13 12:43:27

You could buy a fleece sleeping bag to go inside to save you buying a new one

Moredofbumsnet Mon 25-Mar-13 13:26:08

I would splash out on a decent down 3/4 seson bag.My DF did this for me and I still use it 30 years later. It is warm in the cold and not too sweaty when hot. I think it cost £110 back then but is one of the best buys I ever made.Mine is a Salewa but Vango down bags are cheaper and good too.

hellsbells99 Mon 25-Mar-13 13:57:06

Hi. Thanks for your replies.
This one is a 3 season one
Do you think it will be warm enough - or does DD need a 4 season one?

Laquila Mon 25-Mar-13 13:58:38

I've always rated the sleeping bags at Decathlon, if that's any use

Abzs Mon 25-Mar-13 18:20:59

This is one of the questions of the season at my work.

I'd second Moredofbumsnet. If you can and she'll get the use of it go for a down bag like this one from Mountain Equipment. Expensive (£200 RRP) and worth the money, but you need to be sure she'll look after it and use it again and again. DH and I both have MEq sleeping bags.

A synthetic equivalent would be one like this from Mountain Hardwear. Synthetic is less money (£130 for the new model linked, last year's will be on sale somewhere), but heavier. Performs better than down if damp though.

Standard (men's) versions of both of these are available if she'd need to share with a brother, but if it's just her then a female specific bag will be warmer for her.

On a tighter budget look at the Snugpak Travelpak 4. Snugpak are good value for money - I have a 13 year old summer bag of their's that is still going strong.

DofE recommend Vango - try the Latitude 400 or as said above they also do down bags.

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