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Two adults and a child - how much boot space for tent & accessories?

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Machadaynu Wed 13-Mar-13 15:00:19

I hope this will be the year we finally get to go camping again. Before we had DD we just used to take a 3 man tent, a one ring stove, a pan, two forks and - the best camping discovery of all time - an airbed with our proper duvet and pillows. We used the boot of the car as the 'wardrobe' and spent a lot of time walking, in the pub, or in bed.

Anyway, forget it all that. It will be different with a three year old. I'm thinking a tent with two rooms and space to play inside on wet mornings, plus room to cook under a roof, if not inside walls. And such untold luxuries as a table, chairs, maybe a cool box, a two ring hob, some toys, some books, a scooter ...

You get the idea - my question is, how much car does all the equipment to have a nice time camping in the UK with a three year old take up? Do you have huge cars, or trailers, or roof boxes, or all or none of those things?

Obviously it depends on how much stuff we take, but I want it to be reasonably comfortable and not miserable for the kid if it rains, so if you could give me an idea of how much stuff you take in relation to a car boot, that'd be fab. I'm thinking that we might as well get a used trailer tent as we'd have to buy all the equipment and the car already has a tow bar, but if we can fit it all inside that would be easier as I have nowhere to keep a trailer tent smile Thanks in advance.

hillbilly Mon 18-Mar-13 22:16:47

However we are thinking of getting a new bike rack that attaches to a tow bar so all our bikes will go on it. That is how we intend to travel to France this summer.

Machadaynu Mon 18-Mar-13 23:15:10

Get a bak-rak - they look good - you can use your existing bike carriers on it - they just bolt on - or you can just use it as a flat load area to strap a big box to, or, well, whatever you like.

Picked the tent up tonight. It's hucking fuge. The bag of canvas is 80cm tall, and I can just about get my arms to meet if I 'hug' it. And there are three bags of poles. Already thinking we will need more space for longer trips, but for short trips I think we'll be ok - canvas can go on a seat and wear a seatbelt smile

Machadaynu Tue 19-Mar-13 09:24:49

Weighed the new tent this morning - canvas and poles together comes to 63kg shock

ArthurSixpence Wed 19-Jun-13 16:33:59

Yeah, so I've bought a trailer ...

hillbilly Wed 19-Jun-13 20:55:08

Looks like we will be going the same way Arthur! What do you have?

ArthurSixpence Wed 19-Jun-13 23:00:04

Oh I dunno what it is - it's at least 25 years old, but it has been kept in a garage all it's life so there isn't a hint of rust anywhere; it's like new. It's a metal frame with wooden sides, it's 5ft by 3ft, it has a max load of 850lb (385kg) and it only cost me a nifty smile

I might build some side extensions to make it a bit taller at some point, but it's more than enough for now - very pleased for less than the price of a roof box smile

What are you looking at?

hillbilly Thu 20-Jun-13 12:08:18

I don't know Arthur but def need something. First we have to get a towbar fitted......

Quenelle Thu 20-Jun-13 13:51:47

We have one DS and manage with a Renault Scenic and a roofbox. We were full to bursting when we packed for our two weeks away last year but have a smaller tent this year so hopefully a bit more space.

We are lucky to be able to borrow a roofbox from DH's work colleague so we don't have to find anywhere to store it and only had to buy the roofbars.

ArthurSixpence Thu 20-Jun-13 14:35:03

Luckily our 'new to us' car came with a rather nice tow-ball already fitted. I do love a second-hand car with a tow-ball; they're often cheaper because they put people off, and it has saved me the time and bother of having one fitted. A rare win-win smile

ShoeWhore Fri 21-Jun-13 22:59:18

We have 3 dcs and fit everything in with room to spare in a grand scenic plus roofbox. I think you'll be fine - the picasso boot is fairly roomy isn't it?

crazymum53 Mon 24-Jun-13 08:47:11

We manage camping for 2 adults and 1 child with a Peugeot 207 with bike rack on the back for 3 bikes. We use the boot space and the spare seating space in the back. We have 3 man tent with 2 rooms and small pop-up tent that sleeps 2. 2 x 1 ring cookers, small folding table. Camping stools take up less space than chairs. We take enough food with us for 1-2 days and buy the rest on arrival.
On one camping trip to France the other people staying at the site were watching us very carefully - they couldn't believe that we fitted everything in!

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