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Please help a camping virgin

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cheerup Sun 10-Mar-13 14:42:34

You don't need any equipment for Eurocamp etc so it's a good way to try it out. I would go for it. We did a few years ago and now love camping and have all our own kit.

You and your children are much more likely to make new friends and do different things camping than you would at Centerparcs where everything except swimming costs extra and you are either in expensive restaurants or your own cottage every evening. Camping is less private and though it doesn't have to be social, you do talk to people more and naturally spend more time outdoors doing things without having to get your purse out all the time.

I would head for South Brittany or Vendee though. We went to a site in the Vendee once when our oldest was about 2 but wouldn't recommend it for you with you as your kids are so much older. I really like the look of Ty Nadan. Don't worry about driving on the other side of the road - it's really easy and there is so much less traffic than here. I wouldn't bother in the UK either, we did Eurocamp in the New Forest once. It was rubbish compared to France.

freddiemisagreatshag Sun 10-Mar-13 10:19:56

Have sleeping bags and two man festival type tent that the older ones used (for a festival grin) and the younger ones have slept in in the garden

That's the sum total of my experience grin

EauRouge Sun 10-Mar-13 10:17:34

Have you got any equipment? It might be an idea to borrow some first or go glamping to see if you like it first. It can get expensive to buy everything, even if you buy second hand.

You might prefer to go somewhere close to home to start with just in case the weather is bad or you decide you don't like it.

Having said that, we broke both these rules and had a whale of a time even though we got drenched grin

freddiemisagreatshag Sun 10-Mar-13 08:53:18

Or should I just give in and do Centreparcs?

Single parent, kids are teens and an 11 if that helps

freddiemisagreatshag Sun 10-Mar-13 08:47:02

So I've decided that me and the DCs are going camping this summer. Very beginning of July arrival on site.

Thinking of Canvas/Eurocamp or similar because I've not camped since I was a child and I want to make it as easy as possible..Thinking of North Brittany again because I've never driven on the wrong side of the road and it's close to Roscoff.

Am I mad or should I consider some sort of glamping in the UK first? What would I need to take with me?

Please phrase all your answers as suitable for an absolute numpty.

Thank you.

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