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Just bought a Hybrid 3000 - tell me what they are like!

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RooneyMara Fri 08-Mar-13 10:09:49

It's just down the road and I'm going to get it tonight...can't try it out in the garden just now as said garden is a complete bog!

So if anyone has got one - can you give me the lowdown? For instance can we get a double mat into it at all?

I know it'll be small as I've 3 kids now but that includes babykins so hoping it'll do us for the time being smile

We used to have a 4m Obelink but I felt guilty as we never went camping back then so I sold it...then they stopped selling them to us over here so I was waiting for something to come up.

<very excited>

RooneyMara Fri 08-Mar-13 19:11:21

No one? <sob> have I done a bad thing?

It was the epic journey in pouring rain from HELL I tell you, and it's here and sitting in the hall in two bags.

The bag material looks nice grin

RooneyMara Fri 08-Mar-13 19:11:50

Oh I forgot to say it is a Soulpad.

chipmonkey Fri 08-Mar-13 21:48:58

Oh you lucky caaaaaaahhh!
I don't have one but I do think they are very beautiful!

RooneyMara Sat 09-Mar-13 08:32:43

thankyou Chip, that is most kind grin

I'm desperate to know if a double sleep mat will fit though if anyone knows!

chipmonkey Sat 09-Mar-13 19:46:33

Oh will someone please enlighten Rooney!

chipmonkey Sat 09-Mar-13 19:49:41

this review seems to suggest there is loads of room for two people?

RooneyMara Sat 09-Mar-13 20:13:17

Oh bless you. I should have put 'Bell tent' in the title, that has them running grin

It sounds pretty spacious from that review doesn't it, just a bit worried about fitting in a double mat because of the pole iyswim. Will just have to lay it out on our trampoline I think!

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