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Downsizing our camping gear

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Lucycat Sat 09-Mar-13 17:51:27

I agree with the down sizing option - out new tent is much smaller and perfectly formed than the last one & it does mean that we seem to take less 'stuff' with us too. Useful space saving ideas / essentials include.
A nesting pan set.
Plastic box with ALL crockery/ cutlery / pans in. The lid can also be used as a tray.
A single burner stove & gas BBQ - where we camp we can't use charcoal and the gas BBQ is a great additional burner.
I need a chair- basic though with a cushion that the kids also use as a pillow.
Clothes in hold alls.
Small pop up containers about 10cm high to keep personal essentials in in the tent - book/ glasses / car keys etc. we each have one.
Kindle - I could fill the boot with books for our 3 week sojourns a la continent.
Less stuff going means more space for wine on the way home grin

FannyBazaar Thu 07-Mar-13 21:55:15

I have a folding cool box/bag/seat thing like this. It can be used as a table to rest a drink on. I travel light as I have no car.

zumo Thu 07-Mar-13 07:19:39

WE used a trailer, keep it all packed and ready to go, then we bought a cheap caravan £100, it was warmer, dryer and easy to set up. after several caravans we now have a small campervan but stay in hotels
Have a look at roof boxes, we all tend to take too much stuff whilst camping, so have a good re think as often you dont need half of it

Ghostsgowoooh Thu 07-Mar-13 03:10:41

My mums decided to come with us for our first camping trip. She drives so I've solved the space problem, I'll just shove loads of stuff in her car instead grin

fossil971 Tue 05-Mar-13 22:42:09

oh yes and a 12v cold bag from Aldi takes up less room than the cold box.

fossil971 Tue 05-Mar-13 22:40:36

I love it when we go for short weekend camping, so much less hassle than the Great Safari Expedition Kit.

We take
Two good solid plastic boxes (eg Really Useful Boxes) can double as table or stool. All cooking stuff and food and bits and bobs have to fit in them (use sporks etc)
Roll up table and two folding armchairs.
Couple of stools like these stool/table/footrest things.
Stove can go on the floor
Small-stuffing (but efficient) sleeping bags and good SIMS. Better one super-warm down sleeping bag than dozens of blankets. Pillows for me or cushions for everyone else
Picnic blanket
Small trug for washing up
Holdalls of clothes

Job done grin

JeanBodel Tue 05-Mar-13 17:52:14

Ghost We have a top box. smile

Tables is one of the things we have decided we don't need. But chairs, no, I need a nice comfy chair of an evening.

Crockery etc - yes, I'm sure we can reduce this drastically by going to the pub more.

I am looking at these chairs but they are rather pricey. Still, I feel somewhere to rest my tea/cider is a must.

lisad123everybodydancenow Sun 03-Mar-13 11:24:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Grumpla Sun 03-Mar-13 09:59:14

Do you really need tables and chairs? Waterproof picnic blanket with another blanket on top for extra insulation would pack down smaller - or stools instead of full chairs?

I have got very good at packing a dinner service for 4 plus pans chopping boards kettle mugs knife etc all in a picnic basket! If it doesn't fit in there, I decide we don't need it!

Cooking equipment can also be cut down radically for a short camp if you precook stews, casseroles etc and freeze in cool box. Then you just need stove, pan, sporks. Bowls if you're feeling fancy grin

One thing to definitely not cut down on is warm clothes and bedding! More or less any deficiency of equipment can be overcome as long as you are warm. Once you are cold... May as well just go home!

Ghostsgowoooh Sun 03-Mar-13 08:46:15

I'm watching this with interest as I have a small car (ford focus) and the car is full as I have four dc no partner though.

Space is obviously an issue with me too. Would your be big enough for a top box. I'm considering this as an option.

JeanBodel Fri 01-Mar-13 13:47:36

We have had to move from a massive car to a small car. Our previous camping style was best described as 'Bring Everything'; we had an Outwell Vermont XL, for starters, and numerous nice-to-have accessories. We need a radical re-think.

Obviously I've had to buy a new tent: 4.2 XL,a-77,seconds-family-4-2-xl.html.
There must be loads of other stuff I 'need' to buy. We need new chairs anyway; I'm looking at the ones with side tables so we don't need to bring a large table? Or are they too rickety to be any use?

All new camping products that save on space will be considered. smile

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