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Hurley Lock campsite

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Milliways Tue 12-Mar-13 20:54:43

The area is beautiful - we go there for walks. I love watching the boats moor and the champagne picnics set up next to them (The picnic table have BBQ grills built in and there are also brick BBQs set up).

We camp at Hurley riverside park which is great, and have walked past the campsite you mention. Looks fun but not sure where you leave your car?

littlermissstan Fri 08-Mar-13 10:24:51

I stayed there on my Duke of Edinburgh exhibition! It is basic, but pretty idyllic in the summer. The camping is right by the river with no fences, or at least it was, so could be a concern if you are taking young children?

jemw Fri 08-Mar-13 10:23:04

we stayed there a few years ago when we were cycling along the Thames path
It was nice, choose where you want to camp, there were some picnic tables

You got a key from the lock keeper and the children liked being able to go over the bridge to the island and then locking the bridge!

The showers/toilet block were pretty basic from what I remember but clean,

Blu Thu 28-Feb-13 15:18:01

Sorry - transport your stuff by hand / on foot.

Blu Thu 28-Feb-13 15:17:07

this link suggests that it has toilets and showers, at least! I have no camped there, but have seen it from the other side of the river. It looks idyllic (v tiny) and is in a great spot. It is aimed at canoeists, cyclists and walkers I think, in that there is no vehicle access to the site, or even , as far as I remember, close to the little footbridge that goes to it. You have to transport your stuff over the bridge.

Lovecat Tue 19-Feb-13 10:27:24

Can't help but am bumping as I want to stay on the Cookham Lock campsite (which sounds v. similar) this summer smile They do look gorgeous, these sites.

JaneyPain Mon 18-Feb-13 11:47:27

I understand this is a small campsite on an island in the Thames, run by the Environment Agency. Sounds idyllic but I just wondered if anyone has camped there and has a view on how good the facilities are, what's it like as a place to stay etc? Thanks.

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