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If you could choose, when would you take your holiday?

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Quenelle Tue 12-Feb-13 17:36:48

We're planning to camp for two weeks in Provence this year. DS starts school in September so this is the last year we can go on holiday in term time.

However, if we don't take our holiday in the summer holidays we will have to pay for holiday club/childcare so DH wants to go in late July/early August after the schools have broken up.

I want to take DS out of preschool and go in late June/early July because a) sites are cheaper b) ferries/Eurotunnel are cheaper and c) the roads and campsites will be quieter.

Perhaps costwise there's not much difference, but isn't it better to avoid the traffic jams and overcrowded campsites? What would you do if you had the choice?

Thanks wise people thanks

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