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Anyone used Yelloh?

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musttidyupAllTheChristmasShite Wed 16-Jan-13 09:31:22

It seems quite a lot cheaper to book with Yelloh rather than eurocamp/ key camp etc and they offer a lot of the same sites? Looking for a caravan hol in France for the summer. Wondering if anyone has any experiences of Yelloh?

crazymum53 Wed 16-Jan-13 10:05:53

Which sites are you considering and are you taking your own caravan and booking a pitch or booking one of their mobile homes?
Have stayed at 2 Yelloh sites - we liked one, but did not like the other. Which sites are you considering?
Booking direct with the sites rather than via Eurocamp etc. saves money for most campsite chains.

cheerup Wed 16-Jan-13 16:07:00

It is a lot cheaper to book direct but do remember that you get discount ferries/tunnel with Eurocamp etc so price that in when doing your comparison, particularly if you want a Brittany Ferries crossing. We've stayed at two Yelloh sites - Serignan Plage in Languedoc and Le Ranolien in Brittany and they were both sites that I would recommend. Yelloh tend to keep the best pitches for themselves and especially at Serignan Plage I wouldn't have been happy with the Eurocamp layout of vans in rows with the deck of one only about a metre away from the kitchen window of the one in front. The only downside of booking direct with Yelloh is that you either have to pay for a final clean (60 euros) or clean it yourself and have it inspected before you can check out.

musttidyupAllTheChristmasShite Wed 16-Jan-13 16:16:40

Thabks cheerup - didn't realise eurocamp offered discount with the crossing - we booked separately last year sad
Will have a closer look at Yelloh, particularly interested in Normandy.
crazymum was thinking of cote de nacre - any experience if this?

crazymum53 Wed 16-Jan-13 16:26:41

We stayed at Val de Loire which we liked and Yelloh en Champagne which we didn't!
If you are taking your own caravan it is worth paying a bit extra for the best pitches. We took a tent so can't really comment on the mobile homes.
Some ferry companies have discounts for returning customers too!

Lafaminute Thu 17-Jan-13 15:01:22

I have stayed at Le Littoral, Vendee; Parc de la cote sauvage, La Palmyre; La Sylvamar, Labenne; and Domaine d'Inly, Penestin (all along the west coast). As far as the campsites were concerned they were all different - loved some, liked some and hated one. That is the way with campsites - one mans dream is anothers nightmare (we did a mixture of mobiles and our own tent). What we did find was that there is a good Yelloh standard and in comparison with other independent campsites we missed that reliability of service (that you get with Yelloh). We booked direct and found them absolutely fine to deal with. Also you can sign up for a Yelloh loyalty card which gives you points per night stayed and which you can use for subsequent holidays to get a free night or two. They also email customers after each stay asking for feedback and afaik comments are posted up on their website - the good the bad and the ugly! Which I took to mean that they are willing to face up to bad press as well as good.

LostInWales Thu 17-Jan-13 15:04:45

Took our own tent to Yelloh St Emillion and found it a really lovely little campsite. There wasn't too much in the way of intrusive entertainment, they were strict about no noise late on and everywhere was spotless. Staff were lovely and actually went out and collected some people from the train station themselves who asked if they would book a taxi for them. It was our first stay on a 'name' campsite and we were very pleasantly surprised.

neverlookback Sun 27-Jan-13 11:41:01

hi ive just booked ours all through brittany ferries they are doing 25% off till 11th Feb, weve never done it before were staying at yelloh le ranolien its cost us £1150 for a 3 bed chalet inc porstmouth to st malo ferry crossing with cabins both ways. its the cheapest i could find it!

neverlookback Sun 27-Jan-13 11:44:48

should of said thats for 10 nights at end of summer hols so price quite good

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