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La Garangeoire in the Vendee- we've booked direct with the campsite

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HannahsSister40 Tue 15-Jan-13 11:54:47

We've been to Castells campsites before, and had heard great reviews about this one, so we've booked for the summer. Booked direct with the campsite because it's heaper than Keycamp etc... now slighly worried that the accomodation wont be as good as Keycamp/Canvas etc.
Have any of you booked direct with La G? Was it ok?
Also, we stayed in Chateau Des Ormes in Brittany quite recently- also a Castells site- and the pool was bloody freezing. It says on La G website that their pool is always 26 degrees throughtout the season. Is this true? Is it nice and warm?

MyCatsRule Tue 15-Jan-13 22:16:18

We have been 3 times to La G - we really liked it! We did Keycamp/Eurocamp, but from what I can remember the campsite mobiles were well positioned (to be honest there aren't any 'bad' spots). We were also aware of campsite staff cleaning/tidying the outside spaces of the mobiles. It is a very well run site.
We went in August so the pool was always warm (if busy). The beaches are lovely and quiet.
Fab takeaway, playground etc. V friendly. Our children are a bit older now, but we might still go again. Enjoy!

Mandy21 Sat 19-Jan-13 09:39:13

Not sure this is very helpful but we booked directly with Les Castels for a siite n Normandy and I think we got the best spots on the site - there weren't many keycamp / eurocamp properties but they seemed to be in much smaller plots (and in rows) compared to the site's own.

havingastress Sat 19-Jan-13 09:41:02

ohh no!! You need to check out La Foret instead!!!! Same place, but it's better!!
St Julian des Landes, Domain de la foret

HannahsSister Sat 19-Jan-13 15:29:53

Why is it better havingastress?
I've stayed at castells parks before and that was one of the deciding factors. And everywhere I've looked LaG gets rave reviews. On trip advisor, keycamp websites etc.
what makes the other camp better? (Might go there another time!)

dreamingofsun Mon 21-Jan-13 17:14:28

la garangeoire is one of the best sites we've stayed in during 10+ years of this type of holiday. just a shame it can't be moved to brittany. i can't remember where the campsite pitches were - canvas and thompson had the best ones of the tour companies. was very cold at night in july/aug.

dont remember the pool being cold

if a rock band plays go and see them. they were great. plus the theme park place....can't remember name. pu de fou.

havingastress Tue 22-Jan-13 10:42:07

Puy de fou is awesome!

Hannah just my opinion! LOL. But I've been to both. Dating back to 1985 I might add. La Foret is a family run place. Lots of history. Lots of regulars. Once you go, you get embraced into the 'family' and you'll meet so many people there who have been going since the 80's! It's lovely.

Garangeoire is just a business imo. No soul to the place. Just feel La Foret is so much better for families and for building memories. Why don't you go to La Foret next year and then you can compare?

By the way, the area is fantastic. Super beaches, Lovely restaurants etc. You'll have a great time.

HaffertyHamster Tue 22-Jan-13 11:52:25

We had a great week at la Garengoire lastsumer. Booked direct with the siTe and had a fab chalet with big garden area. Was lovely location and the chalet definitely bigger and better than the eurocamp ones we've stayed in ( but several hundred £ cheaper for the same week!)
We dis stay in one of their most expensive options but the cheaper campsite mobiles all looked good too.
Weather was good at end of aug and pools fine. Covered one warmer than outside ones.

midnightexpress Fri 25-Jan-13 14:42:00

We went to La Garangeoire with Castels a couple of years ago and it was great (late June/early Jul). The site is really lovely and yes, the pools were lovely and warm (but it was about 35C outside too, which helped!). The mobile homes were fine - tbh the Eurocamp ones did look a wee bit nicer (a bit more modern-looking, decor-wise iirc), but the castels ones were absolutely fine - clean and comfy.

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