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Mobile home site on French med

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Morgan Fri 04-Jan-13 20:39:16

Looking for a child friendly ( kids aged 4-11) site on the med in an a/c mobile home in early July . Tried usual suspects Canvas and Eurocamp but would be most grateful for any recommendations of sites and or companies or booking direct . Ideally not a mammoth site but stuff for the kids - pool / slides . Ta.

cheerup Fri 04-Jan-13 21:13:45

We went to Serignan Plage and loved it - usual suspects go there or you can book direct with Yelloh. Also, depending on how long you're going for and how many of you there are, the Daily Mail are doing a deal with Breakfree holidays at the moment and you might be able to book the same accommodation cheaper than the Eurocamp price (but the holiday is still with Eurocamp IFYSWIM) - google "daily mail breakfree'. It's a token collect but a kind person often puts the codes on the other site which is has the same letters in it's name as this one!

poorbuthappy Fri 04-Jan-13 21:14:44

Holiday Marina Port Grimaud.
Been for the last 2 years.

Morgan Fri 04-Jan-13 21:24:31

Poor but happy - tell me about it that's on the shortlist smile

poorbuthappy Fri 04-Jan-13 23:49:04

What would you like to know? grin

i'll come back online tomorrow morning and give you all the info you want!

Morgan Sat 05-Jan-13 10:18:50

Actually now decided on the Camargue - les Carmarguais with Yalloh - anyone been there ??

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