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Camping with a 9 month old - Any tips?

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KVG Mon 10-Apr-06 14:04:21

Message withdrawn

tarantula Mon 10-Apr-06 14:21:35

babies generally wake early when camping anyway cos of the light so I wouldnt worry too much about that.9 mtnhs is a great age to go. First thing I'd remember is that it can get very cold at night esp if you have a big tent so make sure they are well wrapped up. We bought dd her own sleeping bag but then she was in a wee tent with just me and was sleeping on the ground rather than in a cot or anything. Its a great time to take them camping as you can relax and they aint gonna wander too far not liek when they are older

KVG Wed 12-Apr-06 21:58:06

Message withdrawn

Janbo25 Mon 29-May-06 19:18:32

I'd be interested in if anyone can recommend any sites in pethaps wales or lake district etc, which would be suitable for children and especially babies??

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