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is it really wise to book a keycamp holiday for spring mid term now?

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dreamingofsun Mon 29-Oct-12 11:30:25

spring half term is one of their most popular times. we always used to go then and the week after. if you want a specific crossing - we always did portsmouth/st malo then this will be very busy and you wouldn't get a cabin even if you managed to book a crossing - which some of the operators struggled to do. i always remember most of the mobiles being full at may half term.

guess it depends how flexible you are on sites and crossings. But unless you are prepared to take anything i think you will struggle booking anything last minute

shrimponastick Wed 24-Oct-12 19:04:39

I don't believe that they will be cheaper nearer to the time. From experience, if you are tied to a date it is better to book early to get the dates and sites you want.

I get a lot of discount offers from FrenchFreedom. I haven't actually holidayed with them, but havehad brochures. All similar to Keycamp, but I don't know if you get kids' clubs etc.

As cheerup says try having a look around at other providers - or direct with the campsite if you know where youwant to be. It is significantly cheaper.

2madboys Wed 24-Oct-12 19:01:46

We went with Eurocamp for the last two years and to get maximum discount you need to book before the end of October. I don't think they do any better discounts later on.

cheerup Wed 24-Oct-12 18:57:22

Do you mean Whitsun (i.e. late May/early June)? If so, I would check out booking direct with sites or using one of the Dutch operators (Selectcamp, Vacansoleil, Rent-A-Tent) rather than booking with Key/Eurocamp, even on a discount. You could save a couple of hundred quid as it's still very much low season in Europe but the UK tour operators whack on a school holiday premium. Depends how you get there too as you get a ferry/eurotunnel discount with Keycamp et al but if you want to get flights you'll need to book now to get Easyjet/Ryanair cheap deals.

Which site are you looking at and what's the Keycamp offer?

monairethu Tue 23-Oct-12 21:36:42

we've done keycamp twice already but this is the first time we're restricted by school holidays so don't know if we should be jumping on a discounted offer this early on? or do they do cheapies close to the time too?

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