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Want to buy a motorhome- any advice?

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BoattoBolivia Sun 21-Oct-12 08:44:40

dh and I are planning to take 6 months out and tour Europe with the dcs (3&11) next year. We did the nec show this week and established we want bunkbeds for the dcs and a double that we don't have to pack away everyday. Any advice and makes, sizes and must have equipment?

Milliways Sun 21-Oct-12 23:16:39

We were at that show today. I now want an A class with island bed but the £70k is a small problem grin
Agree fixed beds are great and look for good storage. We have a transverse fixed double bed do get a huge garage.
Best things we have are a solar panel that keeps the leisure battery fully charged with no hook up, and we have a refillable 'safe fill' LPG gas bottle that saves loads of money too. We got outdoor puzzle piece mats from Aldi for when it is wet. Ooh, and memory foam mattress toppers- cheap ones from Dunhelm mill.

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