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campervan pitfalls to campervan woes

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colleysmill Sat 13-Oct-12 19:54:48

Following on from my previous thread when we our purchased our T25 in August we have had some very good times in "Betty" even in the short time we have had her. Betty has become Dhs ow (he is always out there pottering around), he has started a blog (!) and 80-90s website is his Mn equivalent grin

Today though she had her first trip on an AA pickup truck. Normal stuff - overheating engine - looks fixable (according to dh), some talk of draining the cooling system (tomorrows job) . However the AA man gave us his mobile number in case we breakdown again which doesn't inspire confidence!

Still have 2 weekends away planned for late Oct and early Nov so hopefully back on the road soon.

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