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is anyone still around??

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paneer Thu 11-Oct-12 22:42:17

Maybe it's the rain that's reminding me of our camping trips over the Summer!

I am dreaming... when DD is old enough to sit in the front seat, to sell my car and get a VW camper. It's just the 2 of us and I know nada about engines and stuff like that.

Will I regret it? Not having a car? Will I get ripped off all the time getting it fixed? Can I learn stuff? (Never even changed a wheel).

But the fun and freedom!

Beamur Thu 11-Oct-12 22:45:40

Are we allowed to post about caravanning on this topic? DP is a hardened ten camper, but after much whinging (by me) after a dreadful trip last year - PIL has offered to lend us their caravan. We're off on our first ever trip at half term.
I know lots of people with campers - they regret how much they cost to run - but seem very reluctant to part with them! We have mild aspirations ourselves..

paneer Thu 11-Oct-12 22:48:33

is it fuel or MOT and fixing costs that eat up money?

are you towing and everything? Historically I have been anti caravan, but then after you get where youre going to, unlike a camper you 'home' stays put. so i so get it.

do you need training to tow?

imperialstateknickers Thu 11-Oct-12 22:53:38

It's a good idea to go on one of the one day caravan manoeuvring courses that the Camping and Caravanning Club run.

Re driving licence, it depends on when you passed your test - again the C&C will advise.

I'm just as anti-caravan as Jeremy Clarkson when they build up a half mile tail and keep sailing past lay-bys instead of pulling in to let the queue get past, but I don't mind the hot-and-cold-running-electricity-indoor-loo aspect!

Beamur Thu 11-Oct-12 22:57:32

I think campers probably do less mpg - probably because they are heavier than most cars, but whether that's a problem probably depends on how much mileage you do.
I know quite a few families who only have a camper, no other car, or maybe run a camper as a 2nd car.
I don't think you need any special licence to tow a caravan - we have a trailer which DP is quite happy with, although he knows it's not the same - as for training, he's having a couple of days of his Dad telling him what he needs to do first!
I quite like camping (no one who knows me in RL can quite believe this) but the last 2 years I have really struggled to be warm and comfy at night and it's been spoiling the holiday for me and probably everyone else as I'm so grumpy which I'm hoping will be different in the van.

Hopeforever Thu 11-Oct-12 23:01:22

We have a new vw camper, just 7 years old.

She's fantastic, I love our trips away, but she is heavy on the wallet.

She's thirsty on the gas, £220 on road tax, cheep to insure, easy to park, but the yearly garage bills and habitation check and larger tyres makes her much more expensive than camping in a tent.

What age van were you thinking of getting? Ours is very reliable, but the older ones need TLC.

We camped 6 times this year for about 30 nights and if I worked out the cost per night I would cry.

Beamur Thu 11-Oct-12 23:24:33

We are C&C members so I'll mention those courses to DP - thanks! And I promise we will pull over and let motorists past grin

paneer Thu 11-Oct-12 23:36:17

I am still dreaming...

But in maybe 4 years I will have about 5/6k to spend when I get rid of my car. I literally know nothing about cars/motor vehicles. Is it more to insure? MOT more? I am dreaming that I wont have a car, just a camper van (and sell all my tents as well).

And this season DD and I camped for around 15 nights ( was newly single so stil testing the water). Going forward, my dream is 2 weeks in Summer + at least 3 weekends per season). Is it overkill? I do love my canvass as well.

At the mo my car is a diesel and can do between 32-38 MPG (dieselL).

Mum2Fergus Fri 12-Oct-12 14:57:38

I swapped my family car (Peugeot) for a Mazda Bongo in early September. My day to day mileage is very low and DP still has his wee car when needs must. We've been away, DP DS(3) and I, at least one night every weekend, and 2 x 3 day trips since we got it! I think the weekend just past will be our last outing this year, unless there is a late break in the weather. In terms if running costs-insurance and tax are the same as my Peugeot was, petrol is more expensive as bigger engine and we've done a fair few miles just to fulfill the novelty of it lol

CaveyLovesPendleton Thu 18-Oct-12 13:56:18

I remember when I bought my very first car (many many years ago) a bloke I worked with said the engines in the VW Beetles are mega-easy to look after and service yourself. Is it the same engine in the camper vans?

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