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SparkyUK Mon 03-Sep-12 14:07:47

We are going camping next week and I have yet to buy our tickets but they haven't changed in price any since I started looking 2 months ago - about £75 OW.

This will be after the end of school holidays so no longer high season. I wanted to be flexible about our return so I was thinking of just get a single out there and another for the return once in france and we've assessed the weather and how long we can actually last camping (have only ever done weekends). Basically, we will come back after 6 nights but if we are having a blast could stay for 9. Will we get caught out though buying tickets literally at the last minute? (or how about 2 days in advance?)

Your experience is appreciated. I've never taken Le Shuttle before so not sure if prices fluctuate wildly.

shrimponastick Mon 03-Sep-12 18:39:55

Hmmm... I doubt that they will be sold out at this time of year.

But I have only ever booked well in advance - and return - as we travel in the school holidays.

Just had a look -and the prices are the same as we paid in peak season!?!

Sorry - no help at all was I??

Hope someone else can answer for you.

Shmumty Wed 05-Sep-12 14:02:18

There are 2 options:

- buy a non flexible return ticket for the days that you are planning to go. If you decide you want to return on a different date, log in during your holiday but before your scheduled return date and it will give you the prices (often £0) for moving your time/date. I have done this several times, the eurotunnel website works really well.
- buy a flexbile ticket: this is much more expensive but does give you total flexibility.

Beanbagz Wed 05-Sep-12 14:07:29

Sorry don't know about the tunnel but i bought a non flexible return ferry ticket and had to change it when i checked in for the outward sailing (DH's work commitments).

It only cost me £60 to change which when added to the original fare was still significantly less than the flexible fare.

I don't think you'll have much problem changing at this time of the year since all the school holidays are over.

SparkyUK Sun 23-Sep-12 23:49:34

Just to let you know I did as Shmunty said. We decided to come home a day early. Bc of the rain we decided not to stop overnight and drove home in one dat. It was a spur of the moment decision and I changed our non-flexible ticket (no charge) from my phone en route. Felt like I was living in the future.

We actually ended up missing the departure as we arrived 5 minutes after check in cut off so went on the next one, no problem.

Loved the tunnel vs ferry and this was just another reason why.

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