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Anyone who has ever used EHU even slightly ever please come and advise and reassure me.

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SlubberTarpWrangler Wed 29-Aug-12 13:01:18

Yes yes, I am getting ehu. As a previous staunch anti you can all tell me you told me so.

<awaits mockery>

So, onto the electricity business. Going camping tomorrow to a site where all the pitches have hook up. Having just done a weekend where dh was moping about because his iPhone ran out of charge and I am going to be paying for electricity at the site tomorrow this is a seize the day opportunity.

I'm going to move to the dark side.

BUT, Jesus the dark side has a lot of choice. And not straight forward choice either. Multiple packets of sockets and cables and converters. Have just got back from camping shop bewildered and empty handed.

All I want is a single solitary plug socket from which we can recharge phones/nintendos/kindles/lantern. I do not need multiple sockets. I am not going to run a fridge or a telly or an oven or hair straighteners from it. I might use a fan heater occasionally.

The camping shop had those tower units. But with three plugs each with a little flappy covering and a circuit breaker jobby. It really is overkill for what I want. And they were MASSIVE and ugly and heavy.

Can I do this. ehu gubbins? 10m orange mains lead (second row down in the middle) plus domestic conversion cable (bottom row in the middle)? That is all I want. Just one plug.

Asked man in the shop and he said it would probably be fine and would probably not blow up. GREAT. Thanks Mr Reassuring.

Please help me camping mners. Tell me what I want will be fine.

pictish Mon 03-Sep-12 10:18:28

We broke our EHU cherries this year, having been staunch anti like yourself.

It was pretty damn good and we're convinced.

We bought this one from Go Outdoors. It did what it said on the tin, and we had music and a hairdryer on the go, as well as the laptop on the site's wifi.

kitbit Thu 13-Sep-12 12:56:43

PMSL that you left it at home!!! On purpose?
We have one for charging phones and for fan heater when it's damp. Also for fairy lights in tent <blows raspberries and adjusts bunting>

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Thu 13-Sep-12 22:29:29

I bought an EHU at the beginning of last Summer and it's still unused in its box blush. It has actually made it into the car a couple of times grin.

I'm sure I'll use it eventually or maybe it'll be heading to eBay !!

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