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Mum2Fergus Mon 27-Aug-12 21:57:52

So after months, nay years, of procrastination...Im in the verge if buying a bongo! Very excited!

serin Mon 27-Aug-12 22:22:55


serin Mon 27-Aug-12 22:24:06

Eh? Sorry too much wine here!


Good for you!

Mum2Fergus Tue 28-Aug-12 16:06:45

Thank you!! Independent inspection booked for tomorrow, assuming all well will pay deposit and get my Peugeot sold and then good to go!! grin

Mum2Fergus Wed 29-Aug-12 17:35:52

Bongo passed independent inspection with flying colours! Engineer said one of the best he's encountered so far grin DP test driving tomorrow then deposit me thinks!!

sandyballs Thu 30-Aug-12 07:42:47

We bought one in may and love it. Been away in it four times so far. Join bongo fury.

Mum2Fergus Thu 30-Aug-12 18:23:55

Already on the forum Sandyballs...keep forgetting the actual membership! Hoping to finalise sale this weekend grin

Mum2Fergus Fri 31-Aug-12 17:42:05

Sandyballs, have you any sort if conversion yet? Ours will be unconverted initially...have seen a backpacker conversion which I think will suit us perfectly smile

Mum2Fergus Sun 02-Sep-12 18:48:27

Deposit paid, pick up Friday!

seeker Sun 02-Sep-12 18:53:40

Get a low coolant alert fitted! And find a garage that's used to their "little ways".

And have fun. We love ours- we call it the beach hut that can do 70 mph!

Mum2Fergus Sun 02-Sep-12 21:38:05

Thanks seeker...Im very fortunate to have Bongo Bill luving nearby...he comes highly recommended on Bongo Fury website.

BorisJohnsonsHair Sun 02-Sep-12 21:43:17

Be prepared for a lifetime of poverty grin. Ours is a bit of a money pit atm. It's unconverted, but DH made a low shelf (about waist-heigh) to go behind the back seats, where we can put the cooker, water carrier and cool box. Underneath the shelf (and underneath the seats) we have some lidded plastic boxes which contain food/plates/cutlery etc. This works really well, as you can put the tailgate up and cook under it when it's raining, without having to cook inside the van, iyswim. We decided not to convert, as it's so useful to use it as an 8-seater, or a van (we have the split fold-up rear seats) when we need to. I'd suggest using it a bit first and see how you think you'll need to set it all up.

Happy camping!

BorisJohnsonsHair Sun 02-Sep-12 21:44:14

*waist-height, obviously

seeker Sun 02-Sep-12 22:48:39

Agree with the money pit- that's why the low coolant level alarm is a must!

hz Tue 04-Sep-12 11:22:07

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bongo ownership, we've had ours for about 18 months now and it has caused us no problems at all. It has been very reliable. Keep a keen eye out for rust though. Have you made sure it has been properly undersealed/waxolyled? It is absolutely essential as Japanese cars are not protected against salt and the elements in the same way as Uk cars are because of the different climate. If you are interested have a look at to see what we have done with ours! Happy bongo-ing!

Mum2Fergus Tue 04-Sep-12 17:15:09

Hi HZ, yep, undersealing booked for next week...very exciting grin

Mum2Fergus Tue 04-Sep-12 17:18:57

Wow HZ...impressive website! Have 'liked' you in FB too smile

hz Tue 04-Sep-12 22:13:49

Thanks so much!

Mum2Fergus Fri 07-Sep-12 20:34:47

Olly the bongo has arrived!! Currently sat in tent in back garden planning our first jaunt...saddos lol

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