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Collapsible Colanders and other Things That Become Something Else...

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Quenelle Tue 01-May-12 13:10:28

We went on a family day trip to Go Outdoors at the weekend (what else is there to do on a wet Saturday?) and I got extremely excited when I saw the Outwell range of collapsible bowls and especially the collapsible colander. It's £4.95, collect from store only.

Further scouring of the web came up with this cheaper one from Home Bargains. Only £1.99 plus 50p delivery.

Does anyone have either of these? Is the Outwell one much better than the HB one?

I'm definitely going to get a couple of the large bowls and I think the knife set looks fab. It would be nice to have all matching I suppose.

I absolutely adore camping things that turn into other camping things. (I am still waiting for someone to invent the foldaway camping vase.) Does anyone else have anything that folds, collapses (on purpose) or otherwise becomes something else, that I probably don't might need?

oranges123 Tue 01-May-12 14:00:25

That colander looks almost identical to one I have just ordered from ACHICA. They also had a washing up bowl (which I think Outwell do too) and I have ordered that as well. You can get both from Amazon too I think and they get very good reviews.

DH was a bit hmm about the colander TBH but what's not to love?

Quenelle Tue 01-May-12 14:13:18

Exactly. What is not to love?

Further investigations reveal that Outlook is using a Colourworks design. Colourworks do the colander and the washing up bowl in loads more colours as well, but they don't do the bowls.

They seem to be very expensive on Amazon. Go Outdoors don't do the large bowl, which I think would be most useful, for fruit, salad etc.

My DH loved the bowl and the colander, which is why I'm in a hurry to get them before he goes off the idea.

oranges123 Tue 01-May-12 14:29:11

Mmmm - the bowls do look good... They weren't in the Colourworks sale on ACHICA. The knife set looks brilliant too. I just spent £12.95 on a Kuhn-something-or-other bread knife with a sheath and now I see I could have got that and two others for the same price. That'll teach me not to shop around. Grrrr.

oranges123 Tue 01-May-12 14:31:00

Also, I haven't got the colander yet but the Outwell one does look like it might have more holes than the HB one so might drain better maybe?

Slubberdegullion Tue 01-May-12 14:33:55

The lid of my bivouac stove n pan combo comes with a built in colander (aka some holes) [proud]
I have no need for a separate one.

My picnic rugs from Aldi when reversed become a sun reflective cover for the Tekster when the sun is shining down upon it with great force. Tbh I have never had to use it in this manner whilst camping in the UK.

the fire bucket is good for chilling wine in

Quenelle Tue 01-May-12 14:39:14

If it has more holes it should be cheaper shouldn't it? Less material. Or more expensive, because more hole punching required in manufacture.

I'm massively overthinking colanders now aren't I?

Slubber, I forgot to put 'built-in' in my list didn't I? We used to have a bread board that folded in half and contained a built-in bread knife.

What about this for collapsible?

hettie Tue 01-May-12 16:27:18

I have a colander that is also a chopping board (folds flat) it's like [ this]] but I got it from some home depot shop for £3...

hettie Tue 01-May-12 16:27:37

bugger meant this

oranges123 Tue 01-May-12 16:37:08

Hettie - you win. I LOVE that. I am going to have to take a chopping board AND a collapsible colander. What a waste!

I appear to own nothing dual purpose - no wonder the car creaks and groans when we go camping, to say nothing of DH!

Quenelle Tue 01-May-12 16:58:12


flaime Tue 01-May-12 17:41:58

We got our collapsible colander from ASDA for under £3 but it was a couple of years ago. I got the matching collapsible bowl too as DD2 tends to get rather car sick and I can hide it away until needed... wink

Quenelle Tue 01-May-12 19:54:30

Asda too!? How have I not seen all these collapsible things before? Googling Hettie's marvellous piece of kit found an MN thread started by Aitch last year. She got one for £1.99 from Home Bargains but they don't seem to have them now.

I was all ready to pay a fiver in a fancy camping shop but I refuse to pay more than £2 now.

Quenelle Tue 01-May-12 19:54:30

Asda too!? How have I not seen all these collapsible things before? Googling Hettie's marvellous piece of kit found an MN thread started by Aitch last year. She got one for £1.99 from Home Bargains but they don't seem to have them now.

I was all ready to pay a fiver in a fancy camping shop but I refuse to pay more than £2 now.

Migsy1 Tue 01-May-12 19:59:05

I use picnic blankets from Tesco as tent carpets. Just shake and wash - brill.
I also got some cheap pans from BM Stores which were light enough for camping and I got a collapsible washing up bowl from Aldi the other day.

FannyBazaar Tue 01-May-12 23:12:08

I've seen those colanders but never used, I do however have a couple of foldaway vases!!!! I have never before considered using them for camping, but I will now. wink

FannyBazaar Tue 01-May-12 23:21:41

I have a couple of folding buckets, a collapsable washing up bowl and frizbees that double up as plates! I don't have a car and live in a tiny house (no shed or garage) so kit has to be versatile.

The collapsable washing up bowl was not near as good as one of those multi purpose plastic trugs, a medium sized one can even be contained in a folding suitcase, stuffed full of clothes and still be taken on a plane!

I am now lusting after the fold up kettle...

oranges123 Wed 02-May-12 10:03:51

Quenelle - how about sopmething like this for a camping vase?

I think I might have to order one to sort of make up for my vastly overpriced, non-dual purpose, collapsible colander and washing up bowl

Quenelle Wed 02-May-12 10:09:49

Fanny you have foldaway vases? Who knew such things existed?! I love this wonderful new world of folding, collapsing, built-in things I am only just discovering.

hettie Wed 02-May-12 13:30:49

see we used too (pre dc's) camp off the back of our bikes, so everything had to be minimal/multi- purpouse and even now (with the comparitive luxury of a hatchback) I can't seem to shake tha habit plus i do love a good gadget
did I mention I have a collapsible washing up bowl? here

Quenelle Wed 02-May-12 14:14:53

Oh look at that Oranges! I would be the envy of all the Dutch and German campers in the Dordogne with one of those wouldn't I!

And only a pound as well...

Hmm, I wonder if DH would still come on holiday with me if I tried to pack one.

Hettie, do you have any 12 in 1 scissors?

fossil97 Wed 02-May-12 21:07:15

Oh I love these things

sporks we have these

Uni-tool (I want one)

folding colander (but suspect I can live without it for camping)

I agree about trugs being the ideal washing up bowl, but IMO the less washing up the better.

FannyBazaar Wed 02-May-12 21:40:55

I bought the folding vases from a poundshop - they are in my present cupboard! I figured they were a handy thing for if you ever give someone flowers because although I love fresh flowers, I only ever tend to receive them when I can't actually sort out a vase or already have the only decent size vase full. I may now take one camping just for the frivolity of it. I do love it when I can produce everything I need for a camping holiday from one large bag rather Mary Poppins style.

I also have a collapsible cooler/seat, it's not a great cooler but I can't manage anything weighing more and it makes a handy seat or table for preparing meals. I'm tempted to make a cover for it to make it look more like a pouffee.

Quenelle Thu 03-May-12 11:53:39

That Uni-tool looks fantastic. I want one too. Not sure I can justify the cost though.

And I like your collapsible cooler/seat Fanny. We need a cool bag for days out when we're away. And who wouldn't want a camping pouffee??

troutpout Thu 03-May-12 12:11:19

I have this liitle beauty

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