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travelling with kids / problems/ project

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bigbabysteps Thu 13-Oct-11 22:30:57

I am studying design and am looking into travelling with young children for my current project. It would be great to hear of any problems people have when they are out and about. Anything from popping out to the shops to trips abroad? What products could you not live without? And what just doesn't work?

I would love to hear about your travels and ideas.


CaurnieBred Fri 14-Oct-11 12:35:28

If not totally camping related, the item we used lots when travelling was the inflatable high chair booster seat thing - that has gone around the world with us.

The Gro-bags travel gro-bag was also very useful - DD got strapped into the buggy wearing hers quite a few times.

Also loved our Shade-a-Babe as this took away any stress we had regarding DD being in the sun - and the Baby Bans too. Being in London these got quite a lot of use, not just when on holiday.

I borrowed a Hippy Chick hip seat things once but I found that to be too much of a faff - maybe if it had been inflatable and should have packed down small it would have been more useful.

bigbabysteps Mon 17-Oct-11 19:10:21

Thanks for the insight there. Will have a think about it.

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