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trailer tents? camping virgin, need opinions pls

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threecurrantbuns Thu 13-Oct-11 13:25:40

Hi all we have just got a huge trailer tent but the thing is we have never camped and to be honest im not sure its my cup of tea.

Is it really hard work?

We got the trailer tent from a friend at a really good price was 3500 new and has extras been used twice and we got it for 600. So felt like we might regret not giving it ago but it seems like it might just be hard work to be honest and not much of a holiday.

Our children are quite small 5,3 and 18months plus another due in April so can't c us using it next year.

If you have a trailer tent what do you think to it all ?

hels71 Thu 13-Oct-11 14:29:12

We have one and I think it's fantastic! Took us a while to get the thing up at first (got it second hand and there were no instructions!) but now we have the hang it's great!

What sort have you got? I love not having to sleep on the floor for one things...a real bed! Also having the gas rings there for cooking..
We load up 90% of our stuff in the tent to travel so leaves more room in the car.....some stuff just stays in the tent all the less hunting high and low for stuff!!

Take it somewhere really near home for a first try out..we went 7 miles away!
For us it's the only way we can afford to go away really so it's worth having!

threecurrantbuns Thu 13-Oct-11 20:08:39

thanks how old were your children when you started using it. And had you camped previously? We have never camped.

Apparently there is everything needed to go away 2mo if we wanted all inside the trailer. Not sure of the make but is bloody huge!

Takes up half of our double garage unopened!

hels71 Thu 13-Oct-11 20:38:51

I only have 1 DD and she was 18 months, now 4. I had not camped since I was a child (when we camped in the middle of nowhere and washed in a stream!!!!!)
I have to admit that camping is maybe not the most relaxing hol for mums, although if we could afford to eat out more it would be better, and if we had lots of money I would certainly be aiming for a more luxurious holiday BUT DD and DH really love it, DD especially, she is most put out that I have told her it's too cold to camp now!
Certainly I feel that the trailer tent makes camping better for us...

chipmonkey Thu 13-Oct-11 21:42:50

We had a trailer tent when I was a child. It was great! No creepy crawlies and it held heaps of stuff. My parents used to hide the Christmas presents in it!

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