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Wet, wet, wet

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Waswildatheart Sun 02-Oct-11 20:29:53

Thought we would take advantage of the great forecast to camp on Saturday night. DH is a reluctant camper so I planned carefully and thought I had found a quiet site near to where we needed to be. Any way won't bore you with the details but I managed to book into the wrong site (similar names similar area) and when we turned up it was heaving and full of chavs. To top it all it cost a fortune so we said no and drove off..... 5 pm at night and no iPhone to help... Ended up in a rough old field with stinky loos and no showers. As we had been cycling all day this was a bad thing. Got pitched and had a good meal at pub. I paid to try get self out of the camping dog house but then it rained ALL night long. We are now back home, phew, with the wettest tent I have ever known. It is spread all over the playroom, puddling everywhere. DH is milking it for all he is worth. Why did I not book Premier Inn with it's memory foam mattresses??

mummyosaurus Sun 02-Oct-11 20:45:02

What bad luck. It’s been a heatwave almost everywhere, you managed to find rain! Hope the tent dries out soon. Better luck next time.

ubercat Sun 02-Oct-11 20:53:42

Ditto, depressing, isn't it?

I booked before I realised I was supposed to be working 9am-1pm Saturday, no worries we'll just go a bit later we thought. Finally pitched and ready to go at 4pm, lovely rest-of-afternoon but was dark for 8pm.
Pissed down all night and mahoosive tent to dry, gaaah!

On the plus side I managed to catch dh packing the dripping wet tent directly on all the sleeping bags (like he must have done last time angry ) and stop him, so I don't have the sleeping bags to dry, woot grin

No more camping this year methinks.

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