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Quechua Base Seconds 4.2 Tent - Groundsheet

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spongefingeranyone Wed 28-Sep-11 11:00:52

I'm seriously considering purchasing this first tent from Decathalon for myself and 16mo DS to try camping next year, probably with SingleWithKids, but also with family. I have a couple of questions though that I can't find the answers to on t'internet and wondered if anyone here who has this tent would help.

Firstly its the groundsheet. Ideally I wanted a SIG to keep draughts and creepy crawlies at bay. This has a separate groundsheet and from the video can see its a bucket one in the living aread, but what about the bedrooms? Is it sewn in in these or bucket again?

Secondly, with a separate groundsheet I won't need a footprint (will I?) but I would like a carpet. Can't see one on the Quechua site, but does anyone have one and where did you get it?

And finally, is there a porch I can add on at a later date to increase the dry/shaded living area?


oranges123 Wed 28-Sep-11 12:43:30

We have the 4.1 and the bedroom in that has its own SIG which sits on top of the main groundsheet so it is completely sealed. I think the 4.2 is the same.

I don't believe there is a porch you can add on, not at the moment anyway. Friends of ours have bought the Decathlon tarp and rigged that up to the 4.2 as a porch and it works fine - we do that with our 4.1 too.

You might want to look at the 4.2XL too though as that seems to have a fair bit more space than the basic one.

No idea about carpet I am afraid - I have never seen carpet for Quechua tents but they might bring it in in future - there is new stuff every year. We tend to use cheap picnic blankets if that is any help.

spongefingeranyone Wed 28-Sep-11 13:41:48

Thanks organges, as I suspected then. SIG on bedrooms will do me, as will the silver whatsit backed picnic rugs for now until/if official carpet appears.

cheerup Fri 30-Sep-11 06:34:17

We got our base 4.2 last Sat and this weekend will be its second outing. It's brilliant. We fit 5 in so massive for 2 and so easy. SIG in bedrooms. We have a Coleman carpet that fits the living area perfectly - can't remember which tent its supposed to be for but easy enough to check the dimensions and look on eBay. Check out the quechua tarp/shelter there too.
Happy camping!

spongefingeranyone Fri 30-Sep-11 13:49:01

Excellent news cheerup, hope you have a lovely weekend. <Fanfare> have ordered my Quechua 4.2 from Decathalon and am awaiting delivery. Also noted from a MN search about the Coleman 230x230 cm carpet fitting, so that's next month's purchase. Not planning to camp this year, just to accumulate all the gear for next spring - lovely shopping grin.

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