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smith1 Mon 12-Sep-11 21:20:49

I am working on the theory that the earlier you book, the cheaper you can get a ferry. I am after a return crossing to France for next summer. Any discount codes or way to cheap ferries that you can recommend? Thank you

twotesttickles Mon 12-Sep-11 21:30:57

Have you tried which allows you to compare different operators for the route?

Go off peak and get a Formula1 hotel (about 15 euro) and then you can go whenever is cheapest and rest up before onward travel smile

cheerup Tue 13-Sep-11 14:15:58

I'm not sure that it's true for ferries in the way it is for flights. Fares seem to be fairly static from when they are released (Nov/Dec for early summer I think, Jan/Feb for school hols) up until March/April when they go up and it certainly seems to be impossible to get any cheap fares at any time with Brittany Ferries for anything other than a day trip however early you book especially once you start adding on cost of cabins etc. If you do want to do a Brittany Ferries or other longer crossing, be aware that cabins do sell out quick so if you want one, book early. The Dover-Calais or Dunkirk crossing are the cheapest and obviously the more unsocial the hour, the cheaper the fare. The chunnel is pretty competitive too. LD lines are good for Dieppe/Le havre but limited on board facilities. The cheapest way to cross the channel has to be courtesy of Mr Tesco's reward vouchers. Do all your shopping at Tesco's between now and next summer and you'll be in France in 35 mins gratis!

smith1 Tue 13-Sep-11 18:22:23

P&O have theirs out for next sumer, & say that the earlier you book, the cheaper. Just wanted it cheaper still!!!!

JetLi Wed 14-Sep-11 09:51:47

Norfolk line are usually very cheap if you can do a short crossing

ChippyMinton Wed 14-Sep-11 16:16:07

If you have tesco clubcard vouchers, book the eurotunnel for nothing!

No reason why you shouldn't book single crossings with different operators and routes. EG pay more for a peak outbound crossing Dover-Calais, but potter back via Dunkerque on Norfok Line.

SammyHills Wed 28-Sep-11 12:36:42

Try allows you to compare lots of ferry companies

milkybarsrus Fri 30-Sep-11 16:51:10

check out uk campsite. at the end of october is the nec camping and caravan show. norfolk lines/dfds release a code which usually gets posted on uk campsite for really cheap crossings throughout the whole season.

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