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Where and how do you store SIMs and sleeping bags?

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TastyMuffins Sun 11-Sep-11 22:58:50

I bought a new SIM and sleeping bag this year and read the instructions, the SIM apparently should be stored unfolded and inflated and the sleeping bag not in it's stuff sack (BTW it should be stuffed not rolled when it goes in). All these years I'd been storing my sleeping bags rolled up in the stuff bags.

My house is tiny, only way I can store things not stuffed in bags is open in the loft where they'll get all dusty. Surely I'm not actually expected to erect the tent up in the loft and everything in it?

What does everyone else do?

BTW, thought I posted this earlier but can't see it, so apologies if I have somehow double posted.

Ephiny Mon 12-Sep-11 09:10:12

My SIM goes under the bed. I'm not sure but I think the storing uncompressed is just to help it re-inflate quicker when you do use it - the longer it's stored folded and compressed, the less it 'wants' to inflate. But I follow the instructions because it was quite expensive and don't want to risk damaging it!

Sleeping bags I do store in their stuff-sacks, didn't realise you weren't supposed to! But I guess they could be stored with duvets etc.

Jumbs Mon 12-Sep-11 22:02:37

sims in the small gap
between the wardrobe and the wall, kids shorties on top of the wardrobe. Our sleeping bags came with stuff sacs for travelling and big mesh bags for storing (down sleeping bags). They go in these in the top section of our very tall wardrobes.

DS's synthetic sleeping bag stays in its stuff sac, not sure it matters so much for a non down sleeping bag? I usually wash it and give it a good puff up before 1st trip of the year to freshen it up.

TastyMuffins Mon 12-Sep-11 22:38:53

Thanks for those fabby ideas. I never even considered under the bed - OK, that space is full of junk but it needs to go anyway - and I have a gap between wardrobe and wall. Brilliant!

None of my collection of sleeping bags are down. The one I bought this year is a compact lightweight sleeping bag for 6 year old DS, who TBH could sleep on the ground with a towel covering him for all he notices! The instructions say you shouldn't wash it until it's ready to crawl to the washing machine and advocate the use of sleeping bag liners. Old cheapo lightweight sleeping bag also said similar when I read label for the first time this year before sticking it in a how wash to remove cocoa butter from it! I'd always thought the advantage with these ones is they could be washed all the time as they dried easier!

Personally I can't bear sleeping bag liners for fear of getting tangled up when I turn over and generally prefer sleeping bags opened up like duvets unless I'm really cold.

Down sleeping bags sound fabulous, I love my down duvets so maybe I should invest in one of these for me!

clangermum Fri 30-Sep-11 11:47:24

We store ours in our roof box once it comes off the car - wasted space otherwise smile

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