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talk to me about camping in the rain!

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addictediam Wed 07-Sep-11 09:34:52

Were going to a beautiful campsite in st ives bay on Friday, then were moving on monday to devon in to a static caravan.

Its me, dh and 10mo dd. As well as another tent with ddad, dmum, dsis (15mo) and dbro (4). I've just checked the weather and it will be chucking it down the whole w/e sad

As were in a static the following week i do have space to dry stuff etc. I've got a puddle suit and wellies for dd (next start them at size 3!) I have wellies for me and am packing double the amount of clothes anyone could possibly need. I've got extra blankets for us all as well as lots of tent games, out door games (they can play in the rain) and dvds for the 3 children (dmum has EHU, we don't...yet!)

What else am I going to need?

notwavingjustironing Wed 07-Sep-11 10:23:45

a sense of humour grin

Seriously though, although its much more fun camping in the sun, you don't notice it after a while.

As you say, take lots of clothes, the children will play in the rain, and there's only so wet they can get.

If you've got room, take a collapsable airer. Useful for hanging things on. Don't wear jeans if you can bear to wear shorts - legs dry more quickly.

If you've got EHU, then take a heater and/or hairdryer.

And wine. Lots of wine. Unless you don't drink. In which case, take lots of chocolate.

Have fun. And get used to it, if you're going to camp in Britain expect the worse and hope for the best. It won't rain every minute of every day. grin

addictediam Wed 07-Sep-11 11:08:18

Right now I am completely envy of my older sister who is also coming with us, but because of her 3week old baby and 2yo who won't sleep is staying in a static caravan on site.

We don't drink, but will have lots of chocolate! We dont have room for a heater, but will definatly take a hair dryer.

Im just reminding myself of my favorite holiday as a child, camping for a week it rained and rained the tent leaked and we all got soaked. We went home 2 days earlier but i have never laughed and had so much fun in my whole life (i was about 10). So I keep telling myself its memories for the kids!


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