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Cabanon Estoril

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cheerup Mon 29-Aug-11 21:52:10

After much umming and ahhing, we have eschewed all new tents we were considering and bought a second hand Cabanon Estoril frame tent. We've just got back from a Eurocamp tent holiday and loved the canvas, bungalow style tent so are chuffed to bits with our purchase. Does anyone else have one of these 80s/90s delights? (it's grey, blue and turquoise - like a giant shell suit).

And what do you suggest we buy with the £££££ we've saved? A Cadac and a Fat Aric SIM? Cobb? Decent camping fridge? Dh wants to buy a camping washing machine which I think is a waste of time, money and space but then he does have a laundry obsession. Please help me convince him the money would be better spent otherwise.

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