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So whats you favourite campsite of this summer ?

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lemonbonbons Sun 28-Aug-11 21:31:38

We have been to Lickhill Manor
this summer holidays .... erm..... 5 times . My husband says we should go again tommorrow , and i can t fault the place to say we should go any where else- but really there must be other places that are fab too !!!

What s been your favourite of the summer ??? I need more campsites to add to my favoutites tab.

BTW Lickhill is fab as is is absolutely immaculate , if u don t mind not having EHU ask for Rally Field and you have a massive field to only a few tents, 10 min walk to Stouport which is like a seaside fair town (but by a river ) and only a few min to Bewdley which is a gorgeous old fashioned town with lovely local shops and bars.

Look forward to seeing where you have all loved - near and far x

smugmumofboys Sun 28-Aug-11 21:36:53

Not exactly handy for frequent visits but here was really nice. And only 5 minutes from an ace beach. Lovely owner and spotless loo block.

smith1 Sun 28-Aug-11 21:37:50

Is there good for cycling? DCs are keen but need flat, smoothish paths at the moment.
Our campsites this year have all been abroad grin

Artichokes Sun 28-Aug-11 21:46:35

We went here and loved it. Not many facilities but nice clean toilets. Great fields in a woodland clearing. Fires encouraged. Lots of safe space for the kids to run. Two great pubs nearby. Stunning Sussex countryside.

lemonbonbons Sun 28-Aug-11 21:50:11

smugmumofboys ...... it looks great- the pre errected tents look fab too- and could save lots of room in the car to bing wine home

BTW for all of you tutting at the title - it should say Your not You ( but Ive had a bank hol tipple! tonight ) smile

smith1 Sun 28-Aug-11 22:05:30

Lemon - sorry x post before - love the look of Lickhill Manor - is the cycling any good?

lemonbonbons Sun 28-Aug-11 22:58:46

Smith1. Im not too sure about cycling as im on 4 wheels at the moment (with pushchair) rather than 2- so not doing any mega miles( which i d love too )

I run along the river , but wouldn t take a bike really bacause of thin paths and kissing gates, but roads are fine and quiet and lots of nice places to go . ( the safari park is only a few miles away but might not be the best place to go on a bike !!!! )

sandyballs Fri 02-Sep-11 19:33:22

Swiss farm in Henley, perfect if you live in london and don't fancy driving too far. Swimming pool and small bar, walking distance into Henley with lovely pubs, restaurants and boat trips. Not busy either, even on bank hol.

needanewname Fri 02-Sep-11 22:43:42

We seem to have gone to Forgewood lots this year (and will be going again in a few weks time!)

Kitts Cottage is fab, very very basic but beautiful, though looks like they have better facilities than when I was last there

serin Fri 02-Sep-11 23:20:50

Lecolombier lived up to it's website!

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