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We gave up and came home saturday night, how did you get on at Galtres festival?

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victoriasmith Sun 28-Aug-11 08:07:35

What a bloody mess!

after the thunder storm and the rivers of mud we had had enough and left at 6pm on saturday. We had been moved to the new car park but decided to move the car, thank goodness before everyone got stuck in there as well, parked on the road by the festival entrance in the end, when we left the police were arriving and saying they were trying to shut the festival down, did anything happen? Also a friend of ours knows someone who knows the Charlatans who were apparently threatening not to perform due to crap conditions back stage, if you stayed hope they went on for you! Also a girl broke her leg in the mud and we passed the fire brigade who were arriving as we left as the ambulance couldnt get to her due to the mud. Felt so dissapointed, was so excited and it just felt like such hard work being there. Got to now try and rescue the poor bell as its covered in mud and damp!

Moan moan moan!!!

smith1 Sun 28-Aug-11 10:18:34

I didn't go, but live next to Creamfields and wondered how people have got on there? Anyone home early?

SeaShellsInTheMoonlight Sun 28-Aug-11 14:04:25

sad I've heard creamfields and reading are mudbaths! Sounds like you were lucky to get out whilst you could!

lovecat Sun 28-Aug-11 19:09:49

sad How disappointing!

Think you did the right thing, though -we got stuck in the mud coming out of Latitude, needed some blokes to push us - and we left at stupid o'clock at night after Suede rather than wait til the next morning - God alone knows what it would have been like then... I know it took my sister 3 hours to get out of the car park the next day but she was in a different one to us...

My bell suffered similarly - haven't got round to cleaning it yet, now I've 'finished' camping for the year I need to wait for a sunny weekend to clean/reproof it!

victoriasmith Sun 28-Aug-11 19:21:14

oh lovecat thank goodness you have come on here, please tell me that all is not lost and my beautiful bell tent will once again be beautiful. it got badly covered in mud and although it is now dry i am paranoid about putting it away with dirt still on, was manically brusing it will a dry sponge for hours today like a mad lady!

victoriasmith Sun 28-Aug-11 19:21:33

sorry not brusing it i meant brushing it!

lovecat Sun 28-Aug-11 23:27:28

If it's dry and the mud is dry too, then it can be rolled up and put away. Just be careful with the groundsheet, if it zips off then take it off and store it separately - that's how we were caught out with the mildew - even though it looked dry, it wasn't. The mud brushed off really well the next time we put it up in good weather, there are still a few marks, but I am v. hopeful that they will come clean - like I said, I just want a few days guaranteed dryness so that I can give it a proper seeing to! smile

MrsMc82 Mon 29-Aug-11 22:43:57

Just seen this thread! I was totally oblivious to the police/fire brigade/charletons related drama!! Maybe I drank more moonshine than I realised haha!

LittlePushka Sun 04-Sep-11 00:52:54

We stuck it out, wind dried the mud to a manageable "sticky" rather than the slurry that was saturday afternoon. Car drove out of family field no problem on Monday morning.

Thought the festival was great despite everything. Really good for kids I think (Did you see the magic ball man??!!!)

However,...I must admit to using a whole packet of baby wipes on just the legs of one child on saturday evening.

Had no clue about fire brigade or thunderstorm,...probably too happy scoffing cakey buns in the afternoon tea tent.

Lovely folk as well, very friendly LOADS of families and no inappropriate rowdiness that I was aware of. grin

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